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Time to Put Your Lotion On

Jordan Pham, BC, Canada
May 2009

My story happened when I was in grade school, or roughly five years ago. I lived in a two floor house, in Vancouver B.C. The bottom floor had my gaming room, bathroom, coat room, and laundry room. The top floor had my kitchen, living room and two bed rooms and one bathroom only accessible by via my parents' room.

One night I had gone to bed feeling itchy and sick partially because of the poison ivy I had ran through earlier that day. My dad had already applied the calamine lotion and rubbing alcohol, so I was set to sleep.

During the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of someone entering my room. It appeared to be my mom, but something was weird about her. Like when your friend gets their hair cut by half a centimeter and expects you to notice, but you can't really tell. She told me to get up, because it was time to put more lotion on. At this moment I was confused but obliged due to the fact that I was still half asleep. She led me to the bathroom in her room and proceeded to apply the lotion on my back while I sat in the tub.

Next thing I know my dad is getting me out of the bath tub, shaking me and asking me questions about how I got in his bathroom. I dazedly gave him the obvious answer. "Through the door."

This is when my dad really started freaking out. At this time I did not know that my parents locked their bathroom door at night so our dog wouldn't come in and drink toilet water. My dad then looked for the key and he couldn't find it. He made me describe the whole thing to him. When I told him that it was my mom that guided me into the bathroom, he reminded me that my mother was on a business trip and wouldn't be back till next week. He then asked me to explain what it was that my mom was wearing and he found the key in her jacket. My dad explained to me that that jacket was very "special".

My dad called my mom and told her to come home right away. She came back two days later. That day I learned that I had an aunt, and that my mom wasn't on a business trip she was going to her funeral. She had died from Lung Cancer. The scary part was that the unknown aunt was my mom's identical twin. The jacket was my mom's only memory of her.

It turned out that my aunt had had a dispute with my mom over my dad. My aunt didn't approve of him. When I was born my aunt tried to see me all the time, due to the fact that she couldn't have kids, but my mom the grudge bearer wouldn't let her.

We moved a month later. To this day it is my parents and my beliefs that it was the spirit of my aunt trying to spend at least some time with me before she went to the light.

Jordan Pham, BC, Canada
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