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Times Past

Maya, CA, USA
May 2004

The following occured in 1994. My mothers side of the family is from Mexico, Zacatecas Mexico to be exact. It was the summer of 1994 when my parents, brother and sister and extended family, uncles and grandmother decided to take a trip to El Remolino. That is the name of the small ranch town my Grandparents are from.

El Remolino is an ancient town that saw a lot of movement and destruction upon the arrival of Cortes to Mexico. There is an abundance of history and quiet a bit of paranormal activity in that small sleepy town.

Upon arrival my whole family was divided into groups and sent to the different family members homes that we would be staying in for the course of our vacation. My family was assigned to an uncles house in the middle of town. My uncle Dan along with his fiancee Christina were to stay at my uncle Alexandro's home on the outskirts of town.

After the flight to Guadalajara and the 2 hour bus ride to our town in Zacatecas we were all very tired and worn out as I am sure you can imagine. My uncle Dan and Christina decided to take a nap at my uncles home, now foot note, the home that they stayed in was absolutely vacant except for them. The home belonged to my uncle Alex but he was in the States working and left a key to the home with one of his brothers.

As the two settled in and unpacked their suitcases, Christina began to hear a faint whimper.... just a slight crying sound, thinking that perhaps it was a child outside, she continued to unpack and proceeded to lay down and rest, by this time my uncle was sound asleep napping. Christina began to sleep, she felt herself fall deeper and deeper into slumber, just as she was dozing she felt a suffocating pressure against her chest, her eyes now wide open, she sees the figure of a moustached man seemingly on top of her...she opens her mouth but CANNOT SCREAM!! She hears crying again......This armored man is grinning, his helmet half off his head, she says his eyes are narrow and evil.....his face pale and lifeless. As she tries to wake my uncle she turns in the direction of the arched it she sees a small child, a little girl, dressed in a white Indian dress with beautiful flowered embroidery and long floor length flowing hair, as she stares at this magnificent child, she sees that the child is the one that was crying.......the child is wide eyed and pointing at the man on top of this point, Christina is near insanity, all of this happened in the short span of about 5 minutes.....she finally manages to wake my uncle up and get the Hell out of there.

She tells my uncle all that has happened and weeping comes to rest of the family to tell us what she had experienced, they ask to be put in another home for the remainder of the vacation.

A few years later my uncle Alex, the owner of the home, had saved up enough money from working in the states to remodel his home in El Remolino. Upon knocking down a section of the house, there beneath the floors of the arch doorways they found a small skull. It was determined by a team of experts that the skull belonged to a 6 year old female child. The team that examined the cranium said that it's bone structure was Native and in perfect condition......except for a bullet wound in the back of her head.....a bullet wound.....from a soldier perhaps?


Thank you for reading.

Maya, CA, USA
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