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Timid Ghost

Massachusetts, USA
November 2000

First off let me say that I never expected to see another ghost after the one I saw when I was thirteen. Anyway as it happened I had recently moved in to my new place and I was now twenty six. I went down to the basement to get a few things out of storage. I noticed a figure of an old man with his back to me. He turned around and seeing me his face got a look of intense fear on it and then he disappeared. I was surprised.I couldn't believe that a ghost was actually frightened of a mortal.

The previous resident of where I was and am still living who I actually met never said any thing about ghosts or spirits in the house.

I did research on the house and found that the house's first resident and owner had been a timid old man who saw an intruder in the basement and was so scared he had a heart attack and died. I also learned that people that he knew began to suspect something was wrong when he didn't answer the phone or return letters.
They went to investigate and found him sprawled out on the basement floor with his hands clutching his chest. I've seen his ghost a couple times since but it always disappears before I can communicate with it.

Massachusetts, USA
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