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Tina's Here

Sisily, WA, USA
July 2010

During the summer of 7th grade my cousin came over, with nothing better to do we decided to try the Ouija board we recently had bought. Right away the pointer started spelling something out; when it was finished we realized it had spelled "T I N A". The rest of the night we continued asking about Tina, finding out that she was 6.

About a year later we had forgotten about the Tina incident, but my friend Anna wanted to try the Ouija board after hearing about a murder that had taken place in her house. We gathered in Anna's room, Marie, Jake, Anna, and I, with the board. We asked if anyone was with us and it said yes, when we asked who it spelled "T I N A". Seeing that returned my memories of the night with my cousin, but I kept it to myself and removed my hand from the pointer.

Without me it continued to give information about Tina, information that me and my cousin had already known but Anna, Marie, and Jake didn't. Getting scared they all took their hands off of the pointer, but the moment they did the unplugged stereo started to play "Gives you hell" by All American Rejects. We ran out of there as fast as we could.

Anna, Marie, Jake, and I kept on about the incident after that and decided we would try a seance to talk to Tina. We set up the candles around a table in a grove of cedar trees in the front yard, and started a chant we found online to "summon sprits". The candles blew out all at once (It was a warm humid summer night) and we all got a feeling almost of dread, like we shouldn't be there. We ran, leaving the paper behind. We went inside to talk about what had happened and about an hour in Jakes PSP started playing music, "Gives you Hell."

The thing was Jake never put that song on his PSP, in fact he hated All American Rejects. It also happened to be the song that went on in Anna's room. When we came back later to get the candles we found the paper, torn in pieces and thrown around the trees even though no one had gone out there.

Other little things happened since then, weird feelings, voices, shadows, and even popcorn being thrown at Marie and I mocking a ghost movie. I don't know if Tina is one of the girls murdered at Anna's or if my house has its own history but we all feel almost threatened by Tina... but whenever we have that feeling or see something we always turn to each other and say in our best "Poltergeist" impression, "Tina's hereeeee..."

Sisily, WA, USA
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