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Tiny Town Terror

Amanda, AZ, USA
January 2002

Ilive in a small town near the border of Mexico in southern Arizona. I own four acres and pretty much have nothing to do with my free time. The country life gets pretty boring except for the fact that spirits surround the area.

I was at home alone one day in the middle of summer. My parents had been gone for a few days on vacation and I decided I didn't want to join them. I never really liked traveling much. I had been talking to a friend on the phone for a while and decided to get off to go to sleep.

That is all I pretty much did was sleep.

I walked down the long hallway that leads from the living room to my bedroom. We have 4 pictures that hang on the hallway's wall. The house was still (I hadn't been doing laundry so the house didn't shake at all) the whole day but I noticed all the pictures were slanted. The really odd part was that they were extremely heavy pictures so there would be no possibility of them holding in that position. I thought nothing of it, fixed them, and decided to head to my room.

I realized I left my phone in the living room so I turned around to go and get it. All the pictures were slanted again in different positions than before. I got a little creeped out and decided to leave them. I was too afraid to mess with them.

I froze in the spot I was standing in and out of nowhere I heard my name being called out in a raspy voice of what sounded to be an older gentleman. I got really scared so I ran outside to my front porch and closed the door behind me.

Tears running down my cheeks, I decided to go back in and find out what was going on. Right as I turned around, I grabbed the doorknob and it was ice cold. What confused me was it was an extremely hot summer day yet the doorknob was cold. I have tiles by my front door and I heard 2 footsteps on it. It sounded like heavy boots hitting the floor, and again I heard my name in that same voice.

I started crying even more. I yelled go away, threw my door open, and nothing was there. I went in and left the door open in case I got scared again and needed to run out. I noticed the pictures in my hallway were fixed perfect, but it took me a second to realize that I left the pictures unfixed when I ran out. Something had fixed them and it was not me.

Amanda, AZ, USA
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