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To Grandmothers House We Go

Emily Jones, MI, USA
May 2003

My grandmother's house is in the middle of 20 acres of woods. It's down in a small remote "city" called Cabool, even though the address is Mountain Grove. It's a very old house dating back since who-knows-when! Cabool is located in southern Missouri, so it might date back from a long time ago.

My grandmother and family moved here to Missouri from California, if that has anything to do with anything. Now, let's stop the not-so-historical lesson, and get on with the real scary bits, though they aren't scary.

About 3 years ago, when I was in third grade, I started living with my grandmother. I loved the house, but never at night. I always got weird feelings. I'm no psychic or paranormal expert, and I dunno if I'll ever be qualified. And my eyes don't help much, either. They are always playing tricks on me. In any rate, it was possibly around March, it was very warm in my room. I couldn't sleep at all so I walked down the stairs. In front of the stairs, there was a large clock. It didn't work at all. It created no light and no light source was behind it, but strangely enough, there was a light source on the clock. I looked at it and ran down the stairs onto the couch, and closed my eyes tightly. It's hard to describe. Simply, it couldn't have been sleep in my eyes. Simply, it could be my imagination playing tricks on me as it always does.

This account was more recent. Maybe about a year ago in August. I had just come home from my dad's. It was unbearable in my room upstairs. I had to go downstairs. You know what, it might've been after that because I remember seeing Signs before that...Anyway...I went downstairs. The clock was still there, but no light came off of it. I was happy. I then laid on the couch. Now, the couch is in front of a book case with glass to protect the books. The living room is huge. If you go over from the couch, there's a little archway and stairs to the basement, aka my brother's room. I couldn't help but notice a figure in the reflection. It looked like no one in the house at the time. It just stood there. It didn't move at all. I gasped, though it was quiet. My eyes grew heavy, and I could do nothing but close them. I woke up to my grandpa watching the news. Later, I went back down to where I was. The reflection wasn't there. Even at night.

Nothing has happened to my grandparents. Nor their animals. I simply believe it's my imagination. But I am gullable. Thank you if you post this! Thank you for simply reading it. (And I don't blame you if you think I'm lying. But truth be told, I'm not.)

Emily Jones, MI, USA
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