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California, USA
October 1997

This is an experience that my wife had with her son years ago before I met her. I'll try and tell the story to the best of my knowledge. She doesn't like to talk about it, and her son now 24 years old doesn't really remember much about the experience, but it is true.

Her son was about 3 or 4 at the time.They had rented a trailer and moved in, nothing out of the ordinary, until one day her little son announced that he had met a friend. His mother wasn't sure what he meant because she knew that he hadn't met any kids in the neighbourhood yet. She kind of let it go as children have great imaginations. He mentioned the friends name "Tommy" and asked if Tommy could eat dinner with them. She figured out that he had an imaginary friend and his name was Tommy. Not strange considering a lot of kids have imaginary friends as children. This is where things start getting weird. At night she would put her son to bed and close his bedroom door. Some time would go by and she would be watching TV and all of a sudden hear the sounds of laughter and noises that sounded like kids playing with their toys, rolling toy cars across the floor and just the noises you hear when kids play with toys. She would think that her son had gotten out of bed and was playing. She would go down the hall open the door only to find her son asleep and the room silent. The next morning her son said that he couldn't sleep very well because Tommy kept waking him up and wanting him to play. She asked where Tommy was and he took her in his room and pointed at the closet. His mother opened the closet and of course found nothing, except when she moved some clothes that were hanging in the closet she saw what appeared to be a child's hand print on the back of the closet. The kind of hand print when a child traces around the outside of the hand with a crayon.

Over the next few weeks at night things started getting worse. She would put her son to bed and then the sounds would start just after she left the room. By now her son would not sleep and was getting scared of Tommy. Her son would sit in bed and start crying for his mother to make Tommy go away. Her mother also experienced the noises and her grandson crying. It kept getting worse, so bad in fact that when she heard her son screaming and crying in terror at all the noises from inside the room she could not get up the nerve to go and even open his door to see what was going on.

One of the mornings after this she asked her son what Tommy looked like. He said a little boy but he is green. He said that Tommy was getting madder because his parents were outside the window and wanted Tommy to come with them, but he didn't want to go because his parents were mean and hurt him. She didn't know what to do so she went into her son's bedroom and said "is this the window that Tommy see's his parents through" and her son said "yes". The mother threw open the window and shouted "Tommy if you can't play nice with (her son) then you have to leave, you have to leave anyway, your parents are waiting for you." The strangest thing then happened, she looked at her son and said "where is Tommy now?" The child looked at his mother and said "he jumped out the window and his mom and dad have him now." The incidents ceased and they never heard from Tommy again.

California, USA
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