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Too Close for Comfort

Cowlitz, Washington, USA
October 1997

Finally... after hours of driving, we'd made it..... Indian Beach. It's a quiet beach, no kids playing in the water, not much swimming or playing in the sand. Indian Beach is mostly a hiking beach. My family decided to have a picnic, and so while they were getting the food ready my aunt and I decided to go on a walk for an hour or so.

We headed off to look around. Behind a few bushes we found a trail that looked pretty easy to hike so off we went. It was about 11 am when we started. We walked on the trail looking at the bushes, all the flowers, etc. Then we came to a turn and we could see out over the was beautiful. We kept walking and came to this narrow part of the path.The path turned around these trees and then the path became unusually covered with these old rotten trees and it got dark (because of the trees cover above) it was like being in a cave of trees. We should have turned around but we kept going. After we got out of the dark treed area we saw the most spectacular sight.......the sunset over the ocean. Then as we turned to keep on walking about 4 feet in front of us was a couple walking holding hands. I thought to myself where had they come from? There was only one path......did they pass us when we were looking at the sunset? We asked them what time it was and I specifically remember the lady grab the mans hand out of his pocket, look at his watch and tell us "it's 3:15". I then said "thanks". I turned to my aunt and said we'd better go! When we started to walk off I got this weird feeling (the kind of feeling when you just know something is wrong) - where'd that couple go? "Maybe they kept hiking" my aunt said and we didn't see them leave. I said "lets make sure" we walked back up the path to where we saw them but they were nowhere in sight. Where did they go? Did they pass us and we didn't notice them? They couldn't just disappear into thin air..........or could they???? We kept walking up the path to see if they'd kept on hiking. We got to this corner...continued to walk around the corner and there it was.....a straight drop off, thousands of feet down into the ocean (thank goodness for my skid proof Nike's or I would have fallen right off the edge.) Did they fall off and we didn't hear them scream!? What happened to them!?. Terror ran thought my body. What should we do? I peered over the edge but they weren't there. My aunt and I stared at each other for a second, then turned and stumbled our way to the bottom of the path without looking back. We got to where my parents were having a picnic lunch. They were frantic....."Where have you been?!!" Its 5:30 pm! I thought to myself, we haven't been gone that long......................... or have we?? We then told them about the couple (after I got yelled at for being late) that had just disappeared. My mother insisted they took another trail but I explained to her there was NO other trail, nowhere else they could have gone. She then said "they cant just disappear, now pack your stuff, were leaving."

We never did find out who those people were or where they went but I figure that the only explanation was that they died there and were trying to warn us of that drop off. And for those of you who want to know.....NO, I was not on any drugs.

Cowlitz, Washington, USA
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