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Too Many Things To Just Be Imagination

Celeste, NJ, USA
September 2005

Before I came upon this website I thought I was the only one experiencing a lot of what others had written on this website.

I lived with my parents in a home in Jersey City right next to Lincoln Park. According to what my parents were told the house was built in the 1950's and that is all we know about the house.

When we first moved in I was 5 years old and my sister was just born. It's a two story home with an attic and basement. My parents didn't really know much about the people selling the house except that they must have been into some type of witchcraft because the first day we moved in the family had left a lot of their things behind and never came back for it. What my parents noticed which was the most odd was candles all over of different colors placed in a specific place to make shapes and things like that. Now the reason that lead my parents to believe these candles were used for more than just light was because the house had electricity, there was no need for them. My father had gotten rid of all the candles and other things they had left behind. He got holy water and began praying and throwing it in each room of the house.

It seemed very eerie to begin with just for the simple fact that before this home I was living with my mother and father in a 4 room apartment and to come into this house, it seemed gigantic. I must say when we first moved in I had no problem in the house I loved it. I had my own room a backyard more space to play it was great.

Things really started happening when my sister got older. When she was about 5 or 6 years old my parents and I noticed that my sister would sit for hours in her room by herself in the dark with the door closed. She would laugh and carry on as if she was talking to someone. One day, me being the nosy older sister that I was, barged into my sisters room to see what she was doing and all of a sudden she burst into tears yelling and screaming and ran downstairs to my parents telling them that I scared the little girl away. When my mom asked her what little girl she told her the one who lived in the wall with her family. I tell you after that day my sister was terrified to go upstairs by herself and for a good 2 to 3 years my mother had to sleep in the same bed with my sister and this was even after moving her bed into my room. That was the biggest thing to ever happen when I was younger.

When I became a teenager is when things really started to pick up. I would be in my room and hear my mother call my name and I would run downstairs to see what she wanted but she never called me.

One winter I came home it was like 5pm (anyone who lives around here knows in the winter 5 seems like 10pm outside) there was no one home so without putting any lights on I began to walk to the kitchen which meant I would have to pass through the living room, and dining room. I was midway through the dining room when I saw a black shadow the size of my cat run out of the kitchen and run behind the dining room table. I thought nothing of it and just thought it was our cat playing. I truly got freaked out when I entered the kitchen and turned the light on to find the cat sleeping on the floor right in front of me.

After that the electrical bills went through the roof because I would keep all the lights on in the house when I was there by myself.

My mother and sister and I would also see the shadows in all shapes and sizes although they would never approach us.

One night, as I was trying to get to sleep, I heard what sounded like something very heavy falling to the floor in the attic right above my head. We have absolutely nothing in our attic and it is almost impossible to get into. You would literally need someone to help you climb up into it. The next morning I asked my parents if they heard the loud crash but they didn't hear anything.

We had pets that would sit at the foot of the steps and just look up and growl and hiss. Another night I was in the middle place between sleep and being awake when I heard a womans voice whisper in my ear "if" and "for" I got up and ran to my sisters room and slept there for three days.

The only one who wouldn't really see anything is my father which is really weird because both my parents believe in restless spirits, good ghosts, bad ghosts. Then finally one day he did see something, although it wasn't the shadows like my mother and my sister and I had been seeing.

One Saturday morning I came downstairs to eat breakfast and my father was talking to my mother about something and they just stopped so I knew it was something they didn't want me to hear. So I asked my dad what's going on and he looked at my mom and she sad "don't tell her you'll scare her" but I always get my way, so I began to bother my father saying "tell me, tell me, tell me" so he said "fine. Last night I had trouble sleeping and I kept tossing and turning all night so as I was just laying there looking across the room when the door is I saw an old lady walk in through the door get half way in the room turn, look at me then turn around and walk out again" When he told me this I all but peed on myself.

Well I am now 25 years old and I now live away from my parents. They still live in the house but say that nothing has been happening in the house that much anymore. Maybe once a month or so my mom will hear my dad call her, even though, he isn't home. It seemed scary at the time but at least they never physically harmed us or did anything to make us feel as though we were not welcome in the house.

Thanks for letting me share is anyone has any similar stories I would really like to compare notes :)

Celeste, NJ, USA
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