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Top Hat

New York, USA
January 2000

This is a true story that happened to one of my husband's neighbor's when he was a teenager.

They lived at the top of a hill in a small town in Westchester. At the bottom of the hill is a graveyard. My husband's neighbor's parents were gone for the weekend, so she decided to go out partying. She was driving toward the bottom of the hill much later that evening when she saw a man sitting on a gravestone. She looked at him and he smiled and tipped his top hat at her. She freaked out and sped up the hill towards her house. She pulled up to her house, ran in and headed straight for her bedroom, but to her surprise the man with the top hat was waiting for her in the hallway. She high-tailed it out of her house and spent the night with a friend.

Nobody ever found out who that guy was.

Also, my husband and his friend were killing time before a movie so they decided to take a drive in the cemetery. As they approached the gate a large, dark figure came rushing towards them, flailing it's arms and inching up on their car. My husband's friend tried to put the car in reverse, but it wouldn't go, finally they peeled out and left the angry figure behind. I bless myself when I pass cemeteries and truly feel uneasy driving past this one.

New York, USA
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