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Tortured Souls Aloft

Charles Randal, Louisiana, USA
March 1998

There straight ahead of us a refuge from the blistering heavy rain maybe twenty yards off the road to the right. This old house, and barn looked damned inviting although they were abandoned and the barn had a definite lean to it. We pulled our bikes off the main drag, and proceeded to pull in to the barn, but just as we cleared the open doors they seemed to narrow making it difficult to see anything past our head lights. We decided to strip down, and change our clothes, and make a fire to help dry us off. My guess is we had been in the barn a hour or, so when we all got the sensation of something warm being wrapped around our lower portions of our bodies, you know what I mean! We all agreed that this was a trip , but it felt to good to even say a word so we went with it, the next thing we knew there was a tall, slender, exotic looking apparition in front of us floating aloft right over the fire, and smoke. She appeared to be dancing in a swaying fashion dressed like a stripper out of the past. Her costume was elaborate compared to todays strippers, but none the less she was alluring, and she seemed to be happy. As soon as we moved she just faded away in to the smoke. We didn't tell too many people about our little show that afternoon because they would have thought we had been drunk,and high. Having worked at the court house for a few years I could access records, and knowing the area I checked into the owners of the property, and low and behold the farm belonged to an old man and woman who had a daughter that had moved from the area long before they died to be an entertainer in Las Vegas. According to the local parish census she had never returned so everybody thinks, but three of us know much better.

Charles Randal, Louisiana, USA
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