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Touched By A Ghost

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November 2008

In 1974 my family rented a house from a family I went to school with in Rocky Mount, NC. I worked second shift at a mill with my father, a work/school program that I participated in that allowed me to go only a half day to school. I would take a short nap before we left for work, since we would not get home until midnight.

When I laid across the bed, I quickly drifted off to sleep. I was suddenly awake when a I felt pressure across my torso. I looked up and a man wearing a black suit was holding me down and he told me to leave the house or he would make me leave.

I could not move and I turned my head to the wall and told him (in not too kind words) to get off of me. I felt the weight lift from all points at the same time. I went to my dad's room and he was asleep and had not heard anything. I moved my bed to the next bedroom down the hall and never saw the man again.

Years later I talked to the family that owned the house. The grandfather and an uncle had died there and the family saw them in the house many times.

We had other events that included the stereo turning on and off, a door that opened on its own when my mother was watching it (I was asleep in the room that the door opened from ).

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