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Tragic End

May 1998

This is really a tragic story with a supernatural overtone, it is not much of a ghost story though.

I read on the newspaper here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Two days ago (May 9th), a young man of 24 years old committed suicide, just a day before his marriage. His fiance and parents were heartbroken. Now the strange thing is that he showed absolutely no indication of killing himself prior to that day, and he did not leave any suicide note. As a matter of fact, he spent 3 days cleaning up his apartment getting ready for the wedding. All indication shows that he was looking forward and getting ready to be married.

He locked himself in his own room, and hanged himself there.The windows have metal grates on them, no one can possibly get in or out of that room. Foul play is absolutely out of the question. The paranormal part is that in that same apartment, three other people have also killed themselves prior to him. Could there be something in that apartment making him want to commit suicide?

What do you think?

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