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Treasure Island

March 2002

Coming from an Asian background, my ethnic group (Hmong) is very superstitious. Most of us believe in ghosts and the supernatural and we take it seriously when something usual happens. The old and wise ones can usually interpret such things. So anyway, here is an incident that I swear happened to my husband and I. I can re-tell it as many times as you want and it would still be the same story because it is true.

In March of 2000, my husband (then boyfriend, whom I will call Ken) came to live with me while I was attending college. The college is located northwest in Wisconsin. It is only an hour away from the border of Minnesota. Well, one weekend, Ken and I got bored and decided to go gambling. The casino is called Treasure Island and is located southeast in Minnesota. It is about 1 1/2 hours drive from where we live. To get to Treasure Island from Wisconsin, one has to take HWY 63 south, which is a very quiet, gloomy, and out in the boony sort of highway. Along the way, there are at least 5 cemeteries (I think 7) and 2 gas stations.

We went early in the afternoon and stayed until 3 a.m. So we were there more than 12 hours. On our way back, it was still dark and on that particular morning, it was very foggy. We were both very tired and Ken didn't trust me driving because the roads had a lot of curves and sharp turns. (Now a little side note, my husband hears and feels things all the time).

Back to the story. We drove until he was too tired and couldn't concentrate on the road anymore. We stopped at the first gas station to rest. We slept for about 20 minutes and then it got really cold in the car so we decided to keep driving again. As soon as we got on the road, I started nodding off. 'Til this day, I swear I heard some whispering in my ears while I was half awake, half asleep. They were saying, "lets go back to the casino, just turn the car around. Please go back with us." I whispered back, "no, we've just been there." (I will explain why my answer is significant later). Thirty minutes later Ken, out of nowhere, just stopped at the next gas station (which is right off the BIG highway 94). I woke up, asked him why he had stopped again and if he was tired so soon already, because we had just stopped 30 minutes ago. This was his reply, "Monie's friends wanted to get out here." To me he looked like he was in a trance. I stared at him and said, "what friends, Monie doesn't have any friends that went with us." Now this creeped me out because it got really cold. Our car was a 1990 Toyota Supra, 2 door and I know, I didn't open the door for anyone. I looked in the back seat and there was no one there, but you could feel something there. So I opened the my door and said, "well if they want out here, then the door is open and they could get out". I then slammed the door and we got out of that gas station way before you could even say go.

I asked him the next morning and he just said there were 2 ladies and they said they needed a ride. They also said they were my friend Monie's friends, so that is why he stopped the car.

It wasn't until the next time that we went back to the casino did we sort of understand why this happened. Right across from the first gas station that we stopped at, there was a cemetery. It is surrounded by some trees and a tiny church. Therefore you can't really see the cemetery unless you were looking for it.

I asked some people about this incident and they said, good thing I refused to go back to the casino with them, because had I said yes, we probably would have gone off the road and died. Many Hmong people believe if you dream or see the dead asking you to go somewhere with them, it's because they are back from the grave wanting you dead to be with them or take their place. Strange and creepy, but true.

I apologize if this is too long. But it was very scary amongst other things that has happened to my husband that he tells me about.

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