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True Love Never Dies

Audrey, Maine, USA
April 2005

This is a story about my Uncle and Aunt. They were the typical sweet old couple, still very much in love with each other even after the many years they had spent together and all the hardships they had endured. They had married very young, and had 4 children right away, 3 of whom got sick and died at young ages.

This story takes place in the fall of 1984. Their only son had long since grown up and now had a life of his own, so it was just the two of them, and of course their loyal family dog that they had had for many years.

Anyway, in the fall of 1984, my Aunt became ill, she was hospitalized, and her son came home so they could say their goodbyes. She knew she was dying, and she was ready for it. One day after being in the hospital for about a week, she said her goodbyes to her son and then looked at her husband. She didn't say goodbye to him, she looked at him and said "I'll come back for you." Then she closed her eyes and she was gone. The clock on the wall read 1:11pm.

Late that night, my cousin was awakened by a bright light coming from his fathers bedroom, which was odd, because the bedroom was in the oldest part of the house and there was no electricity in there. Then he heard his mothers voice. She said "I've come back for you. Are you ready?" Then came his fathers voice, "I'm ready." And then the light went out.

He got up and went into his fathers room to check on him, and found his father had passed on. He checked his watch for the was 1:11am.

About a week later something else strange happened. We had taken their dog home with us and were taking care of it until we could find it another home. It was an older dog, but still healthy. Well, my mother put the dog outside and fed it, but when she went to check on it, just a short while later, it was dead. There was a strange hole in it's head, almost like it had been shot, but there was no blood. The time when my mother fed the dog was 1pm. And the time when she went back to check on it, was 1:15.

My family says that my Uncle died because he could not go on without my Aunt by his side. I believe that to be true, but I also believe that she could not go on without him either. And as for the dog? Well in life my Uncle never went anywhere without that dog, so why would that change?

Audrey, Maine, USA
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