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True One

Fernando Gimeno, Cordoba, Agentina
April 1998

This is a true story that happened to a friend of mine 3 years ago. Pablo, that was his name, was driving home at night across a winding road on the mountains. It was a very cold winter night but there was no wind at all. That road was known to be quite dangerous since many accidents happened every year due to the difficult turns and slopes. No other cars were coming or going until after a turn Pablo saw somebody standing ahead in the middle of the road waving and making signs to him to stop. Pablo slowed down and watched closely; it was a woman. She looked desperate but she wouldn't scream, in fact she didn't make any sounds. Pablo got out of the car and the woman pointed to the side of the road, he went there and looked down. There was a car crashed against a tree and Pablo could see that there were two people inside. He went down in a rush and saw somebody leaning face down, dead, and a baby on top of that person, crying but apparently unhurt. He took the baby out and when he tried to get the other person out of the car he realized it was the woman who had stopped him up on the road.

Fernando Gimeno, Cordoba, Agentina
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