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Tug Of War

Kelli, WI, USA
February 2012

One day a couple of my friends were playing on a Ouija board. None of us believed in it completely, and we were asking some pretty dumb things you probably shouldn't ask. The first thing we asked was if it was a good spirit or not. The pointer said it was a bad spirit. Then my friend asked if it would be willing to prove that it is there. The pointer moved to yes, and then we asked if it would do something to one of our other friends. Here's a run-down of our conversation:

Us: Are you going to make Cole (that was our friend) feel any pain?

Board: Yes.

Us: How are you going to make him feel the pain?

Board: Hair.

Us: Could you do whatever you are going to do to Cole right now?

Board: Yes.

After about thirty seconds, Cole, who was sitting in a chair across from us, jerked his head back, screamed, and ran into another room. We quickly said goodbye and then followed him to ask him what happened.

Cole said he felt two cold fingers running down the back of his head and tug on the back of his hair. He was shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly, we all knew that it wasn't a joke anymore.

Kelli, WI, USA
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