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Two Days of Terror

Derick Wren, OH, USA
June 2001

I had a very terrifying experience at my friend's cabin during the fall when I was asked to 'house sit' for him. These events took place between September 21st to September 23rd.

For me, being a guy and all, this sounds totally like a clich? or something from a silly teenage ghost story. However I am not writing this out because I want you to believe it, I am writing it out to share with others who may know of or heard of this particular incident.

It all started when I spent my first night there. His cabin, recently built around 1998, is situated on a hill side just outside of Adams County Lake, near West Union Ohio. The evening was fading fast and I had just gotten off the phone with my friend about his arrangements for me and things he needed me to do while he was on his trip when I heard a fairly small tapping on the door. The nearest neighbour was a mile away down the hill and naturally I took it to be her, since I was told she visits everyone on a regular basis to get the latest gossip from them.

I opened the door but no one was there, 'just a wood bird', I thought and closed the door again. The knocking was persistent the next three times and each time I opened the door nothing was there. I even went so far as to leave the door slightly ajar and peak out to see what would come rapping on the door. The knock came but with out explanation. I wasn't scared then but curious.

The tapping was soon easily ignored when I turned on the television (which has satellite) to watch something on the Discovery Channel. The knocking was quickly forgotten but what happened next was not.

At exactly 10:02pm the microwave in the kitchen turned itself on and began to heat the air within. I got up, this time worried someone else was in the cabin, and checked on it. The white microwave was on and counting down from 02:10sec. I stopped it, cleared it, and went back to the TV.

I drifted off to La-La Land and was rudely awakened by the horrible sound of an air horn (the type they use at football and baseball games to get the attention of the players and audience). When I came to all the way the whole cabin was pitch black and the sound had stopped. I had left the television on before drifting off along with a small desk lamp. However it was currently pitch black and that shocked me. I dragged myself into the bed I was suppose to sleep in and past the hall clock. It was a nice digital one that gave off a green glow, it read 1:15am.

The next day went smoothly and that night I slept uninterrupted. But it was the third day that really frightened me. It actually started in the afternoon, around 3:12pm exactly.

I had just gotten back from running an errand for my friend when that annoying tapping began again on the front door. I made lunch and tried to ignore the annoying tapping until I couldn't take it any more. I opened the door and placed a rock from outside to hold the thing open.

The tapping never happened again for the rest of the afternoon. But shortly after 5 or 6 in the evening the door slammed shut and the tapping resumed again. It annoyed me so much that I left the cabin in disgust and went to West Union to eat my supper.

When I returned it was slightly after 8 and I noticed the tapping seemed to be taking a break.

At around 10:02pm the microwave decided to turn on and cook air again. I turned it off and went back to my TV watching and I wondered if the Microwave had an automatic timer or something.

It was around 12 midnight or maybe slightly later when the tapping twisted into a sinister one hour scare-a-thon.

First, all the light sources in the house went off at once. Then the tapping began and it didn't stay at just the door this time, it moved around the entire outside wall! Yeah I really was scared by then and I even went so far as to run to the nearest phone and attempt to call a neighbour. Amazingly I got ahold of someone and I told them someone was outside the cabin I was in and that they were scarring me to death. The neighbour said he'd be over right away and all he needed was the last name. I told him and he said it'd take close to 29min before he'd be there and he suggested I call the sheriff.

I did just that and all the while the tappings got louder and well enough to be heard on the other end of the phone.

The tapping changed from just a few at a time to a constant beat and also it seemed like more then one person was standing outside the cabin banging on every wall they could. I turned on a light and got a knife from the kitchen and waited for something more to happen as I sat down in the kitchen waiting for the two people I had called to hurry and get there. That is when the microwave turned its self on along with the television and every single light in the house all at the same moment!

The tappings changed rhythm again to three taps per second then a small pause between them and it tapped again. The lights and electronics flashed on and off in the same fashion and then around 15 to 25 minutes later headlights appeared from the front room and I guess my help had arrived. I walked towards the front door and slowly opened it, being afraid someone would knock the shit out of me. The tappings had suddenly stopped, I noticed, but the lights still flickered.

The sheriff was the first one to show up and he asked me who I was and what was happening.

After a very lengthy explanation of what had occurred, he looked at me in the most unusual way and walked up to the cabin. The lights were flickering on and off every few seconds and it was kind of funny looking. Like a disco party gone bad is the only analogy I can give for how it looked.

The neighbour came up the road next and he got out with a shotgun. The sheriff told the guy there was no need for the gun but the guy didn't let go. He quickly asked me who I was and why I was in my friend's cabin. I gave a fairly short explanation and the sheriff walked into the cabin at about the same time.

3 minutes later all the lights went dead in the house and annoying noise of an air horn blasted through the woods. The sheriff came back, visibly shaken by the noise, and said I could come back into town with him if I liked. I did just that and didn't even bother to think about it. I just walked to the cabin, shut the door without locking it, and left.

The next day I called my friend and told him the whole story of what happened and he told me he had experienced the tapping often but nothing else (not even the microwave!).

Later that evening he came back and we had to literally knock down the door, on the other side of it a few chairs and his microwave were stacked up against it!

He moved out on October 15th and has yet to sell the cabin to anyone since.

Interesting side note; he never mentioned the reason for his trip till the day he came back. He was trying to get away from the tapping noises because he thought he was loosing it.

Anyway thank you for reading this account, I certainly hope it wasn't to long.

Derick Wren, OH, USA
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