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Two Dead Children

Sonja, NM, USA
October 2014

My now ex-husband and I had just moved into a beautiful new three-bedroom home. We had to upgrade because we had just gotten custody of his two children, our son was ten and our daughter was eight when they came to us. We did not allow smoking in our home because of them, so we went out back to the patio to smoke.

One night, about eleven pm, I came into the house from the back door. When you walk into the backdoor, you can see straight through our bedroom, into the kitchen and through to the living room. It was a school night, and I had sent the kids to bed hours before. The TV was on in the living room, and I could clearly see both of the kids sitting in the dark kitchen, watching TV from the kitchen table!

I took a few steps in, intending to ask what they were doing up, and realized something was wrong. For one, the little girl's hair was not the curly mop that our little one's was, it was straight as a pin and tied back with a blue bow. For another, the boy was much smaller than our son, and his hair was also straight and dark brown, not bright red. I froze, no sound coming out of my mouth as I stood there, taking them in. They wore old fashioned clothes, her a blue polka dot dress with a white apron over it and he, short pants and a white collared shirt. After a minute, they turned their heads and stared at me in unison, not speaking or smiling or anything.

I couldn't take those stares and ran to the other side of my room, calling for my husband in a low voice so as not to wake up the actual, living children in their rooms. He came in and found me curled up in a corner, shaking. I asked if he had seen them, the dead kids, when he came into the kitchen and he said no, of course not. They were gone when we went to investigate, and as far as I know, he never saw them, and I never saw them again.

There were a few other instances of shadow people and banging doors, but that was the most vivid instance of supernatural activity in that house.

Sonja, NM, USA
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