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Two Eyes One Night

Kathryn, MO, USA
May 2002

I have, ever since I was born, believed in some type of spirits. But I always thought they were good in some way, untill one night. This is the night I will tell you about.

It happened ten years ago, I was 17. My house had a main floor, attic, and basement, like most houses in that area. the main floor had two bathrooms, two bedrooms (right across the hall from each other, with one bathroom in between), a living room, family room, a dining room, and a kitchen. The basement steps are in the kitchen as well as the attic stairs. I have a big sister (ten years apart) and a little brother (2 1/2 years apart), so needless to say, we needed another bedroom.

My sister got the room in the attic, when she moved out I got the room. It was a very big room, half the size of the house. It ran from the front of the house to the back. It had a lock on the door and even a bathroom. If you climbed out of the front window of the room, where my bed was, you were on the roof (how I would sneak out).

At frist I was so happy to get the room until one night. You see I never really like that house, I always went to my friends house instead of having them come over, but one night I could not resist.

My Dad did not live with us and my Mom and brother had left for the whole night. I had the whole house to myself! So think about it, I'm 17, no family, a whole house, what to do? Boyfriend! So there was the plan, he could come over (we'll call him Marcus), We were to stay there untill 1am, when my Mom got back, then I would show my face then sneak out with my boyfriend and go to his place to finish up. Perfect night right? Wrong.

Everything was going as planed, 8pm Mom leave with brother, 8:30 Marcus shows up. We went up to my room, locked the door, and started to play around. We were two horny teenagers, what can I say. We really were not doing anything that bad until around 11 when things really got heated. That is when I saw it. Two slanted Red eyes across the room, as if standing in my door. But my door was locked so I thought I was seeing things. Then they started moving, so I knew I was seeing them. It would not have scared me but the feeling that I got did. It scares me now just thinking about it. It was as if these eyes were looking in me, at my heart. I could not speak so I hit Marcus on his shoulder hard (he was on top of me, I was on my back) he stopped and looked at me, I pointed at the eyes. He turned and looked in that direction, got off the bed, grabbed what he could of our cloths, opened the window, and threw them out the window. He did all this while I was sitting there frozen with fear. I knew what he was doing, and that I had to get out of there, but I could not move. The eyes were about half way across the room by now and it was as if they were holding my insides. When Marcus grabbed my hand, he "woke" me up. I climbed out of my window butt naked. He followed me also butt naked. We picked up the clothes and climbed to the back part of the roof so you could not see us from the street. We threw our clothes on and jumped off the roof on to my trampoline.

I ended up going to my best friends house to spend the night. Marcus and I broke up after that and even though we are still friends he will not talk to me about that night. I even made my Mom move to a house down the street (It did not take much convincing, she already wanted to move to that house), but I got her to move in a week. I don't know what happened to that room, and I am trying to forget about it. To this day I still have nightmares about the way those eyes could just control me. I was writing this story to let you know, there is such a thing as an evil spirit, or thing, or whatever you want to call them, and they do have "powers" so please be careful and watch out for each other. Thank You.

Kathryn, MO, USA
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