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Two Ghosts, Two Houses

Brittany, IL & MO, USA
October 2008

Let me start with the first ghost experience in the first house. It is in Columbia IL. My father built this house from the ground up. Nothing was recovered as far as bones or anything of that nature when the house was built. It took a while for the activity to start happening. The first time I experienced it, I was downstairs (the basement was fully finished) in my bedroom and I heard a voice whisper my name. Then it told me it had a surprise for me. I was a little girl at the time so of course I thought it was my mom whispering through the air vents. I ran upstairs and asked my mom what my surprise was. She had no idea what I was talking about.

Then I began to see what I used to call the Ninja Men. They were tall black cloaked figures that would disappear into the walls. I saw them on several occasions. There was another incident when I was taking a bath in the bathtub downstairs. I happened to look up and see something at the doorway. I screamed for my mom. She came but saw nothing. There was also a time that my mother had a babysitter come over to watch me. We were in the basement watching TV. when the door handle on the door to the garage started to wiggle and shake. No one was in the garage. My mother passed it off as an overactive imagination from a five year old. Then she began to have experiences. My father was one who was home rarely. She awoke one night to hear the cabinets in the kitchen opening and closing. When she went to investigate there was no one there. One night while cleaning she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up and when she turned around there was a mist coming down the staircase and then proceeded to float down the hallway toward my bedroom. She was so frightened that she called the neighbor lady to come over. My father never did believe her until one night he was sleeping on the couch in the basement and he woke up and said he was really cold. He sat up and the french doors were standing wide open. He got up and closed them. He lay back down and was almost asleep when he heard his car keys drop on the bar. That's the night he went upstairs and woke my mother and told her that he believed her. My parents divorced and we moved from that house. I'm not sure if the people living in it now have experienced things or not.

The house that my mother lives in now is in Bonne Terre MO. I no longer live there now that I am married with my own children. But she lives there with her husband and their two children. I always thought that my room was colder than any other room in that house. It is still like that till this day. Not a major difference in temperature but you can feel it. Again, this house was built by my step-father. They are the only ones to have lived in it. I never experienced anything while living there myself. But the activity started about 5 months ago. My younger brothers used to sleep in my old bedroom. I had a TV I had left there in the room. It started turning on and off by itself. My mother unplugged it. Nothing has happened with the TV since its been unplugged. One night my husband and I were sleeping over and we were sleeping in my old room. My parents' room is on the other side of the house. My little brothers had chosen to sleep in my parents' room that night since we were taking the bed in their bedroom (my old room). In the middle of the night both my husband and I awoke at the same time hearing the same thing. We both heard a voice of a child. There was no one in the room with us. As soon as I heard the voice a vision popped into my head. It was of a little girl in a long-sleeved white night gown.
She had long brown hair and was standing at the foot of the bed. That's what I thought of when hearing the voice. About a week later my mother called me and said she had started to drift off to sleep in the living room and heard a voice. Someone talking. She never did figure out where it was coming from. Then one night she had fallen asleep in the bed with my little brothers and she said she thought she was dreaming. She saw a little girl with long brown hair at the foot of the bed and the little girl threw the covers over my moms head. My mom said she woke up and the covers where all tossed about on the bed. My husband and I were visiting about a month ago and my little brother was playing Playstation in my mother's room. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my husband and my other little brother were in the bathroom (between my old room and my brothers real bedroom) giving our twins a bath. I turned around to grab something from the island and noticed the gate from the kitchen to the living room was open (She has dogs, therefore has gates). I closed it and made sure the dogs were in the laundry room and not in the living room. They were. I started to do the dishes again and turned around to grab another dish from the island and the gate was open again. Within a matter of two minutes this gate had been opened twice. I asked my husband and both my brothers. No one had been through that gate and neither had the two dogs. This morning my mother called me and proceeded to tell me what happened to her last night. She was up late doing some work on the computer. She heard one of the bedroom doors open (it would have been my old bedroom door or my brother's bedroom door). Then she heard the gate from the living room to the kitchen squeak and open. One of the dogs began to growl. She called out both of my little brothers names. No one answered. She then heard the gate squeak and open again. She waited to see someone walking through the living room but never did. She got up to investigate. Everyone was still asleep. She went to bed shortly thereafter. So that is all the experiences we have had so far. I am so interested in these things. I have read up on the shadow people and how they can be different things. I just want to know what is going on. Why is our family so haunted?

Brittany, IL & MO, USA
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