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Two Towers

Katie, CA, USA
September 2002

Ok, so it was my first time visiting England. I was really excited, so as a usual tourist, I visited the usual sites, not knowing what I was going to discover about myself.

I have had connections in the past with spirits, as you might have read my other story posted here, called "Something is Here". I have always thought that I had a certain gift with them.

Anyways, While I was in England, I visited The Tower of London. Now whenever I visit somewhere haunted, I always get a bit queasy, but there... there it was different.

It was weird, because I don't see ghosts that often, but I here, I feel things about them. When I was there, I could here them, screaming, I could feel what they felt. They horror they went through. It was terrible. I ended up even throwing up in one of the bathrooms there.

The first tower I visited was The White Tower. That one wasn't that bad. I always had a feeling that I needed to get out, that it was dangerous. I couldn't make it to the top.To this day, I knew there was something there.

Now, the Bloody Tower, that's a different story. that was the second and last tower I visited there. When I walked in, I knew I had to make it to the top, to find something, something was pulling me closer, and closer. When I got to the top, I stopped dead. Taking my friends by surprise.

"Don't you see it?" I asked them, looking straight ahead. "see what?" They asked, curious about what I was seeing. Blood. All over the wall. Of course it had been covered up, but I could still see it.

After that, I don't know what happened. I just remember having this unbelievable wave of fear, like nothing I had felt before in my entire life. I wanted, I needed to get out of there as fast as I could. I don't remember anything after that.

So much for a great trip to England, but hey, welcome to my world.

Katie, CA, USA
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