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Sue Schmitt, Maryland, USA
March 1998

When I was young (mid to late 1960's), my family always enjoyed going camping just about every weekend in good weather. My Dad and his two brothers' families would pack up their trailers and us kids and we would go to Owen's Creek Campground in the Catoctin Mountains near Thurmont, Maryland. One weekend in the late summer, we went on our usual camping trip. At that time, the campground was always full and the park arranged a campfire type program on the weekends. We were walking back to our campsite with only small torches to guide us (not too much building had been going on then so there was very little light). All of a sudden the sky lit up as light as day. Everyone's hair on our arms and the back of our necks was standing up. This light lasted about maybe 5 seconds. We were all scared and trying to run back to the campsite. The following week, there was a story in the papers (I feel a cover story) about a meteorite that had fallen to earth that night. Well, as I grew older, I realized that meteorites don't light up a sky like we saw that night. I always wondered about what happened, especially since Camp David is not far away. If anyone has info on this event e-mail me. That experience has always had me wondering about UFO's.

Sue Schmitt, Maryland, USA
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