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UFO's In Mexico

October 2001

I recently returned to Washington State after living 3 years in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico.

I was renting a house in the "Old Town" part of El Centro. It was cheap (as is most rental spaces in that part of Mazatlan) for a 3+ story house...only $175 USD per month. Anywho, the woman who owns the house had lost her husband and I am not sure if he had passed in the house or not, but a lot of odd things started happening right after moving in.

There was only one real entrance and exit to the house as there were 3 houses connected with the ruins of an old house next door from before the turn of the century. The front door of my house opened into the living room, which went up one step to the kitchen and another step up to the dining room. Then there was a staircase that went up to the master bedroom right at the top of the stairs, and to the right of that was a gate that went to the courtyard and to another bedroom in the courtyard. Also there was a staircase that went up to the roof that had a spectacular view of all of Mazatlan, the three islands and everything.

A friend and I were in the living room playing cards one night at dusk with the front door opened. We were able to see the very bottom portion of my bedroom door upstairs. I happened to glance up and saw someone walking into my bedroom. I Just figured it had been my dog. I darted my head around the room and there was my dog asleep next to the coffee table. I did not way.

I would also be asleep at night and hear someone opening the gate to the bedroom in the courtyard and slam it closed...that bedroom was vacant and there was no way to get to it except from the gate right outside my door. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs towards my bedroom and one night I freaked and spent about 3 hours at the corner of the street waiting for my boyfriend to get home.

Mazatlan and most of Mexico is a haven for UFO's. The whole city lost it's power one night and we had gone on the roof to watch and wait for it to come back on. We were all watching out towards the 3 islands when we saw what looked like a multitude of colored lights light up and kind of turn and go out as it was floating away from the third island. Right then, all of Mazatlans power started coming on in clumps.

One of the Islands apparently has some sort of artifacts that they have never been able to explain and some sort of runway...possibly alien.

Another day we were on our way home after I had gotten off of work. We were going to change our clothes and go to the movies. All the neighbors were outside looking up at the sky. They told us there was a UFO up there and sure enough...way the heck up there was a silver something just hovering, higher than airplanes fly.

We went home and I ran to the roof to keep watching it. It was still there. My boyfriend came and asked me something. I answered him and when I looked back it had moved an incredible distance in about a second. We left right then and when we got down on the street, not more than 2 minutes later, it was gone.

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