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Unauthorized Entry

John Miskovsky, California, USA
November 1997

Iwas 18 at the time and serving in the Air Force. As part of the Air Force Military Police, I had to undertake part of my training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I will never forget what happened one night at that base. Before going into the military, I was part of a close band of friends who had a strong interest in the paranormal. We basically "dabbled" in the occult. It was nothing too serious -- Ouija Boards, seances, table levitation, psychometry, etc. After going into the military, I felt quite removed from "my native element" since I no longer had such contact with these friends at home. This was probably one of the most depressing times in my life. Fort Dix was the last stage in my Security Police training, and there were many things that obviously took my mind off of my friends at home. With all the training that I was attempting to keep up with, it's a wonder that I had any time to really think about anything outside of the military life.

One evening, my squadron had returned from a hard day of field training exercises. We returned to our barracks just in time to clean up and "hit the sack". Our barracks consisted of a two story, multi-roomed building, and each room consisted of enough space for only two occupants. My room was vacant -- except for myself -- because I had not yet been assigned a roommate. I finally got done with putting my things in order at about 11:30 that evening. Going over to my desk lamp, I turned it off and went to my bed (which was opposite the door). I was extremely tired and went to sleep without any problems. Sometime after having fallen asleep, I was awakened with a feeling of being in the presence of "something evil". It was a "heavy" feeling (almost like having several wool blankets placed over my body). Having awoken on my back, I found that even the slightest movement of my limbs was impossible, and the best I could do was move my eyes. I was terrified. All that I could think to do was to avert my sight from whatever it was that was gaining entry to my room. I turned my sight to the wall on my left and noticed a dim light (which was reflecting off the wall) slowly appear and then disappear. After the light had gone, I heard the scuffle of what seemed to be a couple of tiny creatures quickly walking around on the floor. Not being able to take the suspense for much longer, I turned my eyes to the foot of my bed. My stomach suddenly tightened. I will never forget what I saw. Standing at the foot of my bed were three distinct figures. Although the room was dark, I could see these figures because they seemed to radiate a "darker radiance" of their own. It almost appeared to be a "radiant black mist" that enveloped each one of them. As I lay there and looked at them, I was able to get a better look at who (or what) was standing at my feet. The three of them were very tall, in fact, I would estimate that they were no less than eight feet in height -- with the tallest one standing in the middle. A dry, bitter cold seemed to radiate from them as they seemed to be whispering something back and forth. I was becoming more and more terrified as I felt that these beings held some form of hostility toward me. The atmosphere in the room was charged with what felt like an "electrostatic tension". Before these "visitors", my room was a warm 80 degrees, but now it seemed almost chillingly cold. The appearance of these three beings seemed to "shimmer" like a heat mirage, and it was at about that point that I fearfully forced my eyes back upon the wall to my left. The next thing that I remember is that the paralysis left my body. The room seemed to be back to the unpleasant 80 degrees and I felt as though I were alone. Slowly getting up from my bed, I cautiously walked over to the light, turned it on and looked around the room. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I went over to the door and opened it. Walking into the hallway, I went over to the Dorm guard (a person who is chosen to keep watch over the dorm) and asked him if anyone had been through the hallway lately. He looked up from reading his book and -- giving me a questioning look -- said that nobody had been through the dorm since he had begun his watch. He even showed me his log sheets to prove his point. I went back to my room, turned off the light and went back to bed. I didn't know what to think about what had happened, but I sure as heck wasn't going to tell anyone in my squadron what had happened. I was, after all, trying to train in the military -- not trying to get out.

John Miskovsky, California, USA
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