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Unborn Spirit

Sherree, Texas, USA
July 1998

Ihave always been amazed with the Ouija board. My friend Shelly is the only friend of mine that believed in it! When I come across people who don't believe in it I always tell them this story!

I lived in a different city then to Shelly but I had found some friends where I lived. I mentioned that I had a Ouija board and they told me I was silly for messing with it. So I suggested that they try it out! They agreed! There were four of us, Katy, her sister Kim and our friend Corisa. We contacted a spirt and it seemed friendly at the time. The girls wanted to prove it to themselves that this was true. Everyone there had a family member that had passed away. So Corisa asked to speak to her grandmother that recently passed away! All four of has just recently became friends so we did not know to much about each other. Corisa lifted her hands away from the board so she could ask a personal question. She took her hands away so that we wouldn't think that she had moved it herself. She asked the spirit what her granny's middle name was and it told her Elizabeth. And Corisa started crying. Then Katy had asked it a question about her grandfather who passed away years ago. Since Katy and Kim are sisters it was just Corisa and I with our hand on it. They had asked how their grandfather had passed away and it told them that he had been murdered (of course they had already known what had happened) and they also cried.

That really made me believe because they got so upset when their questions were answered correctly. Corisa and Kim left later that evening and it was just Katy and I. She and I were having a long conversation and she said she wanted to tell me something. That it was really personal but she needed to get it off her chest. She said she hadn't told anybody else this story.

She told me that she had gotten pregnant, she was only 20 and she felt that she couldn't have a child yet. She was not ready and she never could imagine having an abortion. But she said that was the only reasonable thing to do. She was saying that she was only about four weeks along and hadn't yet told the father about it.

The next day we were all at work and Corisas bother-in-law was there and we were telling him about our experience and he wanted to try. We went to my house during lunch. We started off with "Is anybody here?" And it said Yes. We asked its name to see if it was the same spirt we spoke to last night and it said it had no name. We asked its age and it said unborn. Katy looked kind of confused but she left her hand on. The spirit went on to spell out mommy and we asked it where is mommy and it said over there and the pointer pointed to Katy! She was upset and I told her no it is not what you think! We asked it how old it was and it said four weeks but was still in mommy's tummy! And it went on to say Tell daddy, mommy. Katy started crying but the others were confused they had no idea what was going on. We never did tell them. It went on to tell us details about what Katy had told me the night before. She got to upset so we stopped. But keep in mind that she and I were not playing when this spirit was telling us these things. Of course the spirit was not her unborn child. We feel that when we were discussing it the night before the spirit heard us. I think that spirit just wanted to hurt us. Like it did the night before when the other girls cried. And then when Katy started crying. Needless to say they stopped playing with me. I still like to play but I am careful because sometimes there is to much evil. It seems like our spirt enjoyed seeing our pain. I think that experience proved to me that it is real.

Sherree, Texas, USA
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