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Uncle Bobby (1)

Georgia, USA
December 1998

Five years ago I went on a vacation with my best friend, her brother, his fiance, and their cousin. Unfortunately, my car broke down and we were all stuck, due to the fact that none of us were old enough to rent a car. I knew that my parents were on vacation on their new property in Florida and there was no way for me to get in touch with them, unless I called my dad's sister, who lived about 45 minutes away to let them know that I needed help. I called her and she assured me that she would let them know, but I had this horrible feeling about even calling her, I passed it off to being upset over my car being broken down and being stuck twenty miles away from the beach with no car in a shabby hotel room with a couple that fought constantly.

My dad called me the next day. He told me that my Uncle Bobby was on the way to tell them when he had a stroke, crossed the road in the car, striking another vehicle. Both men died instantly, both were 62 years old. I blamed myself of course, and took the news very hard, and have blamed myself for years, until about one week ago. I was lying in bed with my husband asleep when I woke up. I assumed the baby was crying so I opened my eyes and in the doorway of our room stood the most beautiful man in yellow light. It took me only a few seconds to focus and realize that it was Uncle Bobby. Since I have had other experiences with the paranormal, I was not scared, more intrigued by his visit. I lay there on my side just looking at him look at me, then he said to me, not really talking, but in my mind, "I had told Peggy that I would be leaving her soon, and it was my time. I no longer want you to carry the guilt of my death. It has been with you long enough. Peggy never blamed you and you are still her favorite niece, call her." And he faded into nothing, but there was a distinct smell he left behind - the tobacco he always smoked when I was a child and I felt so peaceful and so serene. I began to cry, realizing that my guilt for all those years had caused me to shy from my most favorite person in the world, and I called her the next day.

Georgia, USA
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