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Uncle Frank (1)

Maddison, OK, USA
September 2007

These events may seem highly untrue but however I have experienced these terrifying events with my own two eyes.

About ten years ago my daughter and I moved into my brother's house when I divorced my husband. My brother had a horrible temper (this will come in handy later on in the story). My brother died about two years before we moved into his house. He suffered terribly from brain damage after a drunk driver hit the side of his car. A few days later he passed away. However I didn't receive the news till a week later. I told my daughter he moved away because she really looked up to him and they enjoyed each others company a lot.

A couple of days after we moved into the house I noticed my daughter had been spending an unusual amount of time in her room (My brother's old room).Whenever I would come check on her she would be smiling and looking into a corner of the room. I asked her what she was doing and she just laughed happily and told me that she was talking to Uncle Frank. I just shook my head and thought nothing of it.

I awoke one night to the sound of my daughter's voice. I walked into her bedroom to see what was going on. I saw her talking to the same exact corner she was staring at the other day. I asked her who she was talking to and she told me it was uncle Frank. I was frightened when I realized she didn't know that he was dead!

A week had passed and nothing had happened. That Saturday night I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I heard whimpering coming from my daughter's room. I quickly tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge but there seemed to be an unusual force as if someone was trying to keep me out of the room. The door finally gave way. I rushed over to my daughter and she was covered in bruises. I asked her what had happened to her she said that she made uncle Frank mad.

The day after that we quickly moved away trying to forget what had happened.

After moving I told my daughter the truth about my brother. She still hasn't forgiven me for lying to her.

Maddison, OK, USA
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