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Uncle Henry..Or Was It?

Melanie, New Brunswick, Canada
August 2004

This happened in 1999 when I was living in Ireland. I had moved into a house that one of my co-workers owned and was renting out the rooms. At the time we were four that lived in the house. I've never experienced any paranormal activities before then but I have always been a strong believer.

I had a good vibe when I moved into this house. Things only started feeling a bit weird when all of my roommates went away for the bank holiday. During that weekend, I always felt as if someone or something was watching me. I kept looking behind me all the time. By Saturday, I called one of my friends and invited her over for the rest of the weekend. Have a girly weekend. Things felt ok until she left Monday night. My roommates were only arriving the next day.

I was up until about 11 and decided to go to bed as I had to work the next morning. I did my usual rounds to check if everything was locked. So I went upstairs to my room and read a bit. Suddenly there was a loud crash downstairs. I was sure that someone had broken in. It was as if someone was walking in broken glass. I locked myself in my room and started praying. There was no way I was going to go downstairs. The shuffling of the glass lasted for quite a while. I didn't get a wink of sleep that night.

When it was time for me to go to work I quietly got dressed and was planning to make a run for it. I crept down the stairs and at the foot of the stairs the entire light fixture was ripped from the ceiling and the broken glass had been moved around as if someone had shuffled its feet in it. The hair on the back of my head was standing up. I bolted from the house. I told one of my friends about it during the day and he said he'd come over with me to investigate. I hadn't even checked if we had been broken into. So when we got to the house after work we checked and all the windows and doors were still locked. No one could have gotten into the house. That freaked me out. He stayed with me until my roommates came home.

After that incident nothing major happened. I lived in that house for almost a year afterwards. From time to time I'd hear someone sweeping in the kitchen when I'd be alone. That didn't freak me out as much. It would always stop when I'd go downstairs to see if someone was home.

I asked the owner about the house and he simply said... oh that's Uncle Henry. I don't know if he was trying to pick up the mess that he had made. After I moved out, I didn't experience any other paranormal activities. I will never forget that experience for as long that I live.

Melanie, New Brunswick, Canada
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