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Uncles Last Goodbye

Kim, OH, USA
April 2003

This is so very hard for me to do right now. This happened this morning around 2am, 3-17-03 it is now 8.25am and I have not been asleep. Well my mom calls me around 2.20am this morning, she was crying on the phone, she tells me to be ready at 7 to get the kids up for school, I asked her what was wrong she was crying so hard, she says your uncle ** (her brother) had a massive heart attack at 2 am and died at exactly 2.10 am, when she told me this I went nuts...Uncle ** was my most favorite Uncle. I think he may have come to say goodbye to me, its the only explanation I can think of. Here's what happened:

I went nuts when mom told me he died, I started crying, I'm struggling to breathe and can't catch my breath, shaking real bad feeling sick. It felt like I was having a panic attack, well all of a sudden it felt as if something warm came down on my right shoulder and all of a sudden the tears stopped, my breathing was fine, I stopped shaking and I was no longer sick. All of a sudden I smiled, it was like a calming feeling and mom told me also that at 2 am (the time uncle ** heart attack started) she woke up screaming for my dad because she was having bad chest pains. Well at 2.10am (the time uncle ** died) the pain was gone!!! You see my mom was the oldest and out of the 6 brothers she has, Uncle ** and her were the closest.

Could he have been to say goodbye? Please email me and explain to me what I felt, I am just so confused at the moment, I feel I lost my best friend!

Thank you for reading.

Kim, OH, USA
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