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Under The Stairs

Melissa, Maine, USA
July 2004

Strange things started happening about 5 years ago when I moved to New Hampshire from Texas.

My family moved into a 150 year old house when I was 11. My sister and I slept down in the basement. Sometimes very late at night we would here strange noises coming from the stairway. We just thought that it was my brothers (I have 3) making noise while playing instead of going to sleep. When I asked them about it, they all said that they never played on the stairs because of the noises from under them. My sister and I figured that we would check it out. I invited my friend over to stay the night, and we made an adventure out of it.

We opened the door under the stairs and checked it out. We found old wagon wheels and an old wooden chest. My friend opened the chest and when she did, we heard what sounded like a scream. We got really scared and ran to my bedroom. After that night, I started hearing people whispering and laughing at all hours of the night. I know that it wasn't my parents or my brothers, because the talking was coming from under the stairs. My sister had an experience as well. She was awoken late one night to find a woman sitting at the end of her bed crying. My sister, finding courage asked the woman what was wrong. The woman just looked at her and then vanished. After telling me this, My sister asked me to sleep in her room with her.

After a few nights of sleeping in my sister's room, I began to hear crying late at night. I never saw anything, but sometimes, I would hear my sister talking to somebody. I asked her about it one day, and she told me that it was the same woman that had been crying in her room that one night. My sister told me that the woman was sad because her husband had gotten angry at her and stormed out of the house. He was shot and killed. The woman died a year later of grief. My sister had managed to calm the woman down and tell her that if she moved on, she would be able to see her husband again in heaven. The woman never returned after that night, but I still would hear whispering from time to time.

Another occurrence happened when I was home baby- sitting my brother's. My parents had gone to the movies and my sister was at a friend's house. My brothers were asleep and I was watching TV In the middle if a movie, the TV shut off. I figured that it was just the rabbit, because he loves to chew on wires, but he was in his cage. I got up and turned the TV back on, but it shut off again. I was getting scared. I remember hearing what sounded like laughter coming from over by the couch, where the remote was. I yelled for the spirit to leave me alone and began to pray.

I could sense evil coming from the couch, but at the end of my prayer, the evil feeling was gone. I went to check on my brother's. When I opened my youngest brother's door, I felt the presence again. I screamed for it to leave. I then heard it laugh at me. I put my hand on my cross necklace and yelled, "IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY FATHER, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE FOREVER!" the laughter stopped.

Shortly after this, my parents decided that we should move to Maine. My dad said that it was because his office would be closer, but Where we are now is the same distance form his office as our old house.

I suspect that my parents (not being religious like I am) had felt the presence and hadn't known what to do, do they decided to move. They sure were in a hurry to get out of there.

Melissa, Maine, USA
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