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Undiscovered Body

Adam, New Zealand
December 2004

This happened to me about 5 years ago.
I was leaving soccer practice with my friends, it was quite late being about 9pm as we had hung around after practice. My friend Nicky suddenly started panicking and asked if we could please hurry home. We were all quite fine walking home alone, but the tone in her voice could not be ignored. So we hurried home all the way with Nicky getting even more paranoid.

About 2 blocks from my house Aaron pointed to the trees along the road and even though it was quite dark we saw the unmistakable shape of a human or human like figure. By this time we were terrified and we ran for it all the time too afraid to look behind us in fear that it could be closer. When we got home we told my parents but they dismissed it as imagination going wild.

A week later I was walking home from Nicky's and I was absolutely terrified as I was alone going down Whitbury Ave. As I neared the spot where we had seen it my fear skyrocketed and I called my Mum of my cell phone to pick me up, but she told me to stop being so childish, come on, I was 16, me being childish, as if!. Anyway I continued walking home with the distinct feeling I was being watched. Just then I saw the figure and I just ran home.

The next day I told my friends and we all decided to see why this thing was here and what it wanted.

Three days later we walked down the avenue again and we walked slowly and quietly, just then we saw it. But this time it was clearer and we saw it was a woman, maybe in her 60's, dressed in a black gown as if she had been at a funeral.

I tried speaking to it but it just stared at me with a really sad facial expression. We ran for it after it disappeared.

That same night we decided to ask Aarons grandfather about it and he didn't laugh at us like everyone else did. Instead he said "Aaron when I was your age an old woman died in that area and no one knew where she was. The next night we went back to the spot and we saw the ghost but this time she motioned for us to follow her and scared but curious we followed. When we got to a small clearing she had disappeared and we marked it. The next day we went back with some policemen and we showed them the spot. They started digging and soon they hit a hard surface, it was wood. After a few hits they broke through it and they found a bunch of bones. It was concluded the old woman had died of a heart attack while out walking and the place she was discovered was a ditch but had been previously covered up by mud and dirt. All the time we were scared of the ghost but one side of us kept telling us we were safe and that she was not going to hurt us but that she just wanted someone to find her and give her a proper burial. A few weeks later I was outside and I felt a comforting presence and to this day I am certain it was the old woman saying Thank you".

Adam, New Zealand
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