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Unexpected Visitor (2)

Kay, Ontario, Canada
April 2007

This happened when I was 19 years old, just when I got off school. It was about 5:30pm as I was going to grab myself something to eat in the kitchen, and my sister was in the living room watching her usual channels. I walked to the sink counter to get some ketchup for my hotdog, but accidentally dripped some onto the floor, so I walked across the kitchen to the dinner table to get some napkins to clean the mess up. As I turned around to do my cleaning, there were ketchup footprints trailing towards the living room. I checked my slippers, but they were clean. Without curiosity I cleaned up the mess that was made on the floor. Once I walked over to throw away the napkins, I turned around and here it was again on the same spot, trailing footprints. I started to be scared, and checked my slippers again, and then I realize that the patterns on my slippers are different from the print on the floor that looked more like runner prints. At that moment I was very scared so I told my sister about it, and did not even consider asking her if it was one of her pranks. It was too impossible that the prints were made from her, because she was in the living room the whole time, and knowing that she couldn't have been fast enough to pull this prank.
Half an hour later, my dad called and out of the blue he said, "oh yeah, today was your aunties (his sister) birthday, and I forgot to visit her at the cemetery". My eyes opened wide once I heard that from him.
When my mom came home later that night I told her what I saw that day and exactly what my dad said to me. My mom told me that I didn't have to be afraid, because our auntie is family. That probably she came just to visit us, because my dad forgot to visit her instead.

Kay, Ontario, Canada
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