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Unexplainable Events

Missouri, USA
May 1999

Ihave several little events which have happened to my family and me. These have all happened at my parents house and at least ten years ago. To describe the layout of my parents home and land. We have approximately 5 acres of land in the county, just outside of city limits. We have a 1 story house with a full basement and separate garage/shed a good 200 250 feet apart.

The first instance happened back in 1982-1983, a Saturday afternoon. Nick (one of my brothers), Mike (brother's friend) , and I were horsing around with a metal detector we had gotten a year or two before. It was not anything real fancy, just something which could detect the most common metals up to approximately 1 foot to 1.5 feet under ground. We were about half the distance between our house and the shed next to a 8' by 10' concrete slab we had to store a camper on during the winter. At this point in time we did not have the camper anymore so the slab was free of all items. I mean nothing was on it. We had been looking all over the yard for the past week finding different objects, old knives, bottle caps, etc. All the sudden we found a piece of jewelry and so we decided to look more and started to find more pieces of what appeared to be a necklace.

We had collected probably 7-9 pieces in about a 1-1.5 hours time period. We were thrilled and intrigued. The reason we were intrigued...the pieces of the necklace were objects like a half moon, pyramid/triangle, the sun, and other unusual objects. They were very strange for a necklace, but they looked to be from one. Yes, there was some chain (necklace type) attached to the most of other pieces. Anyway, we had placed these objects out on the concrete slab. We cleaned the pieces and laid them out in a pattern to reform the necklace. As we were looking for more pieces, MIke turned around to take a break when he noticed the pieces were gone, completely gone. At first, we thought maybe we knocked them off the slab, but we looked everywhere. We were not more than 3 -5 feet way from the area during this time and we heard and saw nothing. No birds, dogs, or people.

There was not enough time for a bird or anything to take all the objects... we only looked for a minute or two before turning back to the slab. Needless to say, we never used the metal detector again.

Secondly, the time frame was winter of 1987. The only people in the house was my Grandmother, Mark (my brother), and Steve (my brother). Mark and Steve were playing cards (Rummy, if I remember right) in the kitchen and my Grandmother was asleep on the couch in the living room. It was late afternoon to evening when they heard a fairly loud crash/noise. At first, they did not think to much of it, just something falling over or off a shelf, etc. Within minutes, they remembered my Grandmother was at home, she usually ran around with my mother rather than stay at home. They decided to see if she was alright. First, they glanced into the livingroom and did not see her. They decided to looked downstairs for her (the stair light was on), then came back upstairs and went to look in her room, etc. As they walked through the livingroom to get to her room they saw her lying on the couch. They did not see her the first time because the whole couch is not visible from the kitchen entrance. They asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine (kind of bewildered by the question) . They asked if she had fallen and she said no, that she had been taking a nap. Now they were curious and went to look around. Upon looking in my Grandmothers bedroom, they found a Blessed Virgin statue laying on the far side of the bed. The statue had been on a mantle above the head of the bed and now was on the floor at the foot of the bed. My Grandmother is a neatness freak and would never have anything out of place, especially something as sacred as this statue is to her. They went and asked her about it and she said she did not do it and it was not that way earlier. Again, no one was in the house.

These are the only things that I saw for myself that happened.

At my aunt's and uncles house in Dayton, Ohio my mother, aunt, and cousin saw a young boy at the top of their staircase. It freaked them out and no one has seen it since. My cousin also had a cat, in the same house, freak out one night. It acted like it wanted out of the room really badly, then when my cousin opened the door it ran and hid under the bed, scared. In the cats attempt to get out, it had clawed the living daylights out of the door there were deep gouges in the door. I have seen the gouges, and they are definitely real, so I assume the story is real too. He really has no reason to make it up, he was 19 at the time.

Missouri, USA
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