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Unexplainable Occurrence

May 2001

Alittle over two years ago, something happened that I have never been able to explain rationally. Compared to other happenings described on this site it is quite tame, but as I have found no explanation I can only chalk it up to something out of the ordinary.

My boyfriend rented a cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a weekend as a surprise Christmas present. We drove up on a Friday afternoon and friends of ours were going to join us the next day.

The cabin was gorgeous, with an open living room that spanned both floors, and a big fireplace. The cabin was laid out in a square with a wing branching off of it out the back.

As you walked in the front door, you saw the kitchen on the right, the large living room on the left, and straight down through the kitchen the hallway of the wing. You could either veer left to go to the living room or veer right through the kitchen.

Once you walked through the kitchen you could either turn left to go through a bedroom and back into the living room, or you could go straight down the hallway to the bathroom. In the kitchen, next to the doorway, was a large stump of a tree, like something you'd chop wood on. I didn't even notice it until later.

After we'd been there a couple of hours unpacking and building a fire, my boyfriend decided to take a shower. I went back into the bathroom with him and teased him about throwing cold water on him when he was in the shower. I then left the bathroom and turned right just before the kitchen door to go through the bedroom and back into the living room. I did not walk through the kitchen at all. I sat down in front of the fire to read.

About fifteen minutes later I heard my boyfriend open the bathroom door and walk down the hallway. I then heard a thud and a curse. He came into the living room limping and said 'That wasn't funny! I could have gotten hurt!' Confused, I just looked at him blankly. 'Whaddaya mean?' I asked. He said 'You moved that log into the middle of the kitchen doorway where I'd trip on it!' I literally felt my stomach drop. I got up and walked around the corner to peek into the kitchen, and sure enough the log was right there in the middle of the doorway into the hallway. I HADN'T TOUCHED IT!! I hadn't even been through the kitchen since we had both walked back to the bathroom twenty or thirty minutes previous. No one else was in the house, everything was locked up, there is no rational cause for that log to have moved. The floor wasn't wet, tilted, or anything that the log could have slid across on its own. The only way I can think of to explain it is to say that my boyfriend moved it, but his toe was bleeding from stumbling across the log and he would never hurt himself to play a joke.
Also, I would have heard him come out of the bathroom to move it, and I would have heard the log either sliding or being set down, but I had heard nothing.

I made him leave the cabin with me immediately, and when we came back later that night I hardly slept. I was overjoyed to see my friends the next day. We've been back to the same cabin several times since but nothing else has happened. I just have never been able to explain that occurrence to myself or anyone else.

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