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Unexplainable Ouija Board Experience

Lindsey, PA, USA
February 2011

For Christmas two years ago, I was given an antique Ouija board. I kept it in the box mostly, being as it is an antique, but one day my brother and I decided to try it out.

I had studied the occult and paranormal for years and thought it was time to actually try it out. We set up our dining room for a "practice" seance. We lit candles and made sure the room was quiet. We sat down and began. A few minutes into it, the planchette began to spell out words. We couldn't understand them but we wrote them down anyways. I later found out that they were in Latin and were the words "demon" and "fire." At first, I thought my brother was moving the planchette, and he thought it was me.

Then the scary part happened. The planchette stopped moving, and every light in the house went out. This was particularly frightening because nothing else turned off. All of the clocks, the computer, a TV in the other room, were all still on. But all of the lights were off. And the switches were down, so it could not have been a power outage. It was as if someone went into every single room and flipped all of the switches.

I have used the Ouija board since. Not with my brother, but I have used it. Nothing like that has happened again.

Lindsey, PA, USA
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