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Unexplained Experiences

January 2003

Firstly I'd Like to tell you that I'm not much of a believer in the supernatural but after these experiences I'm more than a little skeptical about them.

It Started when my family and I moved into this House 3 years ago. The first night at the house I couldn't get to sleep because I didn't feel comfortable in a new house and because there was just something basically wrong with this place. It gave me bad vibes like it had a sinister sort of felling to it.

The first experience occurred a few nights after we moved in. It all started happening at around 2:00am in the morning.

I could hear footsteps in the living room as if there was somebody wearing heavy boots and walking along the wooden floor. It sounded as if it was walking from the living room, through the kitchen, down the hall & towards my bedroom. At this point I'd just like to add that this house has been newly renovated and doesn't usually make sounds like creaking floorboards and other noises associated with old houses.

Another thing is our bathroom. At night you can hear the taps running but when you go to tighten them they're not running and the taps are already tightened.

Another thing which happens more often than the other things is a loud flick like the sound a light-switch makes when you flick it on or off, only this noise is twice as loud as any normal light flick and nothing turns on. On a few occasions these events occur in a cycle almost in a row. It starts with the footsteps (which rarely happen), then a banging noise on the refrigerator, then the loud flicking noise in the bathroom and on rare occasions the taps.

The weird thing about this is that on the day we moved in I tried to scare my younger brother with a story about this house. I told him that a man used to live in this house and he used to murder people and bury their remains underneath the house.

Another weird thing is when these things happen my parents never notice them and its been going on for 3 years now. Most of the time I'm the only one who can notice and on some occasions my brother notices too. I asked my parents but they never talk about, they just change the subject.

This series of events happen randomly every few days but never at the same time (I sometimes stay up to see if there is a pattern in these events, but after 3 years I still can't find one.) The footsteps and the running taps don't happen as frequently as the the fridge and the flick.

My mother is a member of the Church of Christ and sometimes she invites our minister and some church friends to dinner and a bible reading. But whenever they're are over the house doesn't seem to have as many vibes and all these strange things don't occur for a while.

My most recent experience scared the hell outta me. It wasn't like all the previous ones. It was time for me and my brother to go to bed (we share a room) and it was pretty close to 3:00am. I shut the bedroom door as usual (remember this part) and I lay in bed. I lay there for a awhile and I couldn't sleep, and It was almost 4:00am. Then thats when it happened. I heard the usual cycle of weird things only this time I heard the boots in the living room and the taps running. They usually don't happen that often and never together on the same night. I tried to ignore it so I turned away from the door and lay in bed facing the wall. Then the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and the room suddenly went cold. I tried to cover my self with the sheets to keep warm but then my body just froze. I was laying there when I noticed there was someone or something else in the room with us. Keep note I didn't recall the door opening or closing and there were no footsteps aside from the heavy footsteps I heard earlier. I noticed that this presence was in the room breathing very heavily. My brother was sound asleep and his breathing was not in tune with the the other breathing. And this couldn't be a prank everyone else was fast asleep and the only way in or out of the room was through the door and it was closed. I could feel it breathing heavily on my back which was covered by the sheets. The room was cold and my brother started breathing more and more because of the temperature. I couldn't move so I pretended to sleep hoping it would go away. The presence seemed strong and my heart was beating rapidly and I didn't know what to do...

After a few minutes I finally built up the courage and decided to face this thing and see what it was, But... Suddenly the breathing just stopped and the temperature returned to normal.

Even to this day I can still hear the cycle of noises but I have never heard the breathing or any sign of the thing in our room.

Thank You For reading my Story. I will keep you updated if anything else happens.

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