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Unexplained Night With A Doll

Ashanti, Pennsylvania, USA
May 2007

For everyone that's about to read this story, I just want to let you know that it may seem a little crazy but I'm telling you right now that it's 110% true!

This story happened to me, my little sister and my cousin Samantha when we were visiting at my Aunts house in Pennsylvania.

I was about 10 (now 17) my sis was 9 (now 15) and Sammy was 13 (now 20). So our aunt had this really creepy looking, fat, white haired doll named Ernestine. Our cousins tried to scare us by saying if we were mean to Ernestine at night she will attack us. Sammy decided she wanted to be a rebel so she grabbed the doll and started slapping her around. I wanted to join in on the fun so I took a crack at hitting the doll and my sister joined in. Just then my Aunt came in and screamed "No! stop hitting her! she will attack you at night!" I got so scared I apologized to the doll and so did my sister (yeah I know my story seems a little farfetched but i'm telling the truth). Sammy decided she wasn't going to apologize to the doll so we went to sleep that night.

At about midnight I woke up because I was hearing strange noises in the room my sister and I were sleeping in so I closed my eyes and covered my head with the sheets. Then the strange creeks became clearer and they sounded like actual footsteps! They came into the room and stopped in front of me as if the thing was looking down at me! Then they slowly creaked over to my sisters side of the bed and looked at her. The footsteps then slowly walked into the next door leading to the room were my cousin Sammy was sleeping then I didn't hear anything else after that. I was so scared I didn't know what to think so I just said "Amber, did you hear that?." I didn't know if she was awake and to my surprise she said "yes, I heard it too! ". The next morning Sammy woke up screaming because she had long scratches going down her legs that she couldn't explain! She said she didn't feel anything and she was crying her lungs out!

We still talk about that night and try to think of an explanation to that crazy occurrence and all we can say is we guess we shouldn't have messed with Ernestine.

Ashanti, Pennsylvania, USA
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