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Unexplained Voice

Mansoor Riaz, UAE
November 2005

I live in the busiest shopping area in Sharjah, UAE known as Rolla. This happened just four months back. This was the time when I newly started getting interested in the ghosts stories posted on Castle Of Spirits. I used to read these during my duty hours at the work-place and then talk about these every late night with my mom before we slept. (By the way, I am a Computer Analyst and therefore the castle of spirit is very easily accessible for me at my workplace any time whenever I am free).

I wake up very early every day to offer my morning prayer in a nearby mosque. There is no fixed time for this prayer; it keeps on varying all year long. During summer (June/July) the prayer happens at its most earliest, i.e. 4.00 a.m in the morning.

As usual, I went out on this particular Thursday morning and was walking on the pavement besides the main road. At that time the entire place is normally dead silent with no human beings seen even far off. The long stretch of the road is clearly visible from very far.

I assured myself by having a look at both sides of the road for any car. As soon as I stepped on the main road which was dead quite and started walking on towards the other side. It was at this particular point when I heard a strange humanly voice from behind. It was as if some abnormal human being or some humanly creature (who cannot speak) wants attention from me. As I tried to walk away the pitch of the voice became louder and louder as if it clearly wanted my attention. At this moment my heart beat became much stronger, I mean the strongest fear I have ever felt in my life. (I am a religious kind of person and therefore do not tend to fear so easily). The only thing that bothered me was the fact that moments before when I had a look on the entire road, it was dead quite and no living being was seen till far away, then how it was possible that within a matter of 2 ? 3 seconds I am hearing someone who is very much nearer to me?.

Thinking this, I wanted to desperately look behind but all of a sudden I remembered in my mind what my mom has always told me is that Never to look behind when you feel such fear of something.

I started walking quickly and crossed the road and took left from there. From this place you can see the road clearly but anyone on the road cannot see you. I waited for some time there thinking that someone (whose voice I heard) might pass through the road. To my surprise no one came and the road was again quite. The voice was gone as soon as I crossed the road and went to the other side.

I continued my walk and finished my prayer. To this day I do not know the source of that voice but I do know that it was lucky of me not to turn back to see any such strange occurrence. And I truly believe that before I stepped on the road, there was no one to be seen at that part of night on that road.

Mansoor Riaz, UAE
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