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Parker, MT, USA
October 2016

About ten years or so ago, I experienced a ghost that I won’t ever forget. This was in my Grandmother’s house, to which we always knew as haunted, but we didn’t know by what, not that we wanted to, we had become used to the antics of this ‘ghost.’ It was usually small things getting misplaced, small touches and tugs of your clothing, limbs and hair. But it’s antics seemed to get more terrifying and frequent. The ghost began to drag blankets off of the bed while we slept, and even sitting on our chests (well it felt as so) and it gave us night terrors or night paralysis.

We slowly got more worried until we couldn’t survive in the house, we had to become more religious, well not become more religious, but instead show it by putting up crosses and religious things around the house. But once we started doing so, they seemed to go upside down, or even flying off the wall.

My grandmother knew exactly what this ‘being’ of the paranormal was. We had a demon or so we thought, it was not until she explained it to me (as I needed it explained a few times since I was quite young) it entered the room. We couldn’t physically see it, but we could feel the anger in the room, we could feel the being wishing death on us. We could also touch the being if it was physical to us.

We had to leave, but we couldn’t more, it was as if we were being held down or even, the feeling of being out of body, as if you are floating out of your own being and watching your death. I was physically panicking (whether it was out of body or not) but then all the sudden it stopped. We ran out of the house, leaving all of our possessions and fleeing. We only returned with a priest to get family heirlooms and such.

Ever since that experience, when we moved and my grandmother died, I saw something in the window as we passed the house. Once we moved out of state, and the house was well, part of a construction site, I could still see a ghost face, in the yard, looking a bloody ghoul.

Parker, MT, USA
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