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Unforgettable Brendandon

Justin, IA, USA
October 2015

I am prior military police, I have always had an urge to investigate anything my belly tells me to. Life has been rough, and with the rough has come the strange and unreal, only good part, is sometimes I have witnesses with me. Rough times are as follows: My mother's suicide at my age of 2 while at home with my sister and I she died of a shotgun wound to head, hurricane Hugo in south Carolina destroyed our home, covered in ants in south Carolina somehow I survived all the stings, the flood of 92 in Shreveport Louisiana we lost everything again, father and step-mother deployed most of time, sister and her husband passing away after my divorce and other-than-honorable discharge, finding out my sister was my half-sister after her death, sis died on date mother was buried 1/11/2008 at the same age as our mothers death, 23. I have always been a sleep walker and have horrible and vivid dreams, mostly about death and survival...

My BIG story--- there are many others

I met some college students through an ex-girlfriend, I hung out with them a whole lot we became best of friends, and I helped them move into their second house here in Bloomington, Indiana. The house was a two and a half story home, concrete basement with old shower area in it carpeted "gaming" room, wooden floors upstairs and two steps up onto the 3 bedroom area, and a granite counter top kitchen with Granite-topped Bar Island. The basement was a great spot for them to put up their flat screen tv and xbox gaming area with wicked-great surround sound. They had three dogs at this time, one black labrador retriever, one black "chubby" female pitbull, and one black and brown little wiener dog. Dakota, Lucy, and Zoey.

"Brendandon" was a chubby college student who enjoyed the college money and the recreational things it could buy in this college town. He weighed about 230 lbs when we first met. His soon-to-be wife was a great friend and supported Brendandon in all his decisions. He was studying to be a doctor. When they moved in he started having eating issues, loss of apetite, always vomitting in the mornings, and throught the day, only at home though. Doctors couldn't explain it, they said acid re-flux and tried medication. Meds didn't help, so he lived with it. He started dropping weight dramatically. I thought possible gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning, like how my sis and her husband had died "in a carport, not an enclosed garage." We checked for leaks, and came up with nothing.


He and I were hanging in the basement playing Halo on Xbox, this was Halo 2 I believe, so year was 2009. His girl says she is going to bed, and calls the dogs to go upstairs with her, they follow. So he and I are gaming it up and having a great time. It's about 2am and he says he is going to bed, stay as long as I would like, just keep volume down and lock door when leaving. Cool. I keep playing after he heads upstairs, and about an hour passes.

I start hearing bumps and thuds and movement upstairs on the wooden floor, I figured it was one of them getting water or using the bathroom or the dogs moving about so I kept playing. Then I heard the thudding getting louder and seemed like it was moving quickly around the living room. So I paused the game and listened. I heard one more thump, and I headed upstairs to check it out. I opened the door to the living room from the basement, nothing moving around, no dogs, no people, nothing. I go up the few steps to their bedroom and open the door. The dogs are all sleeping on the floor they didn't wake when I opened the door, and the couple is in bed sleeping with neon Playboy light lighting up their room. So I closed the door and headed back downstairs. I started gaming again and immediately I heard the thumping and movement again. So I turned off the Xbox completely and listened. It sounded so much like a thump to thud to Boom to bu-boom, boom boom boom... My hair stood on end as it does now while I type this and my eyes filled with water. I was not going to run, so I said aloud, "If there is anything here good or bad, I demand you give me a sign!"I don't know if there was a thump or thud before I heard the HUGE explosion and raining glass, all I remember is the glass and I could almost FEEL the item hit upstairs. I bolted out the downstairs door, jumped in my corolla and drove the 5 blocks to my place and tried to relax, my roommates were already asleep so I had to just think about what happened before nodding off into sleep.

I woke to the sound of my phone getting a text, it read: Dude! How F'd up did you get last night? What did you break in the kitchen and then just leave it? My girl is PISSED!

I called him and told him what went down, and asked if the glass was still there and could he leave it for me to see? He said, "Hell yea it is, I am not cleaning up your messes, but keep your story to yourself so my girl doesn't freak out and want to move."SO I drove over to his place. he let me in the front door and led me straight into the kitchen where the "scene"was.

A light bulb, one that recesses up in the cans of a ceiling to provide light on the BAR counter top, was broken into maybe 4-5 large pieces. A couple pieces, not an explosion of glass raining everywhere like I had heard. Even weirder, the glass had "slipped"out of its casing, just the glass bulb fell out, not the whole screw in part. I asked "Brendandon"if I could come back tonight with my video camera and set up an investigation, he said cool, just don't let his girl know yada yada yada...


I returned to my friend's house with battery fully charged and camera ready to go with 8 gigs of free memory to fill, he greeted me at the door about 2:30am and said "Stay quiet and I am heading to bed". I agreed and went to the basement since he had let me in front door instead of the basement door. I set up my camera and spoke into it explaining my name and what purpose I was there for. I proceeded upstairs and set the camera on top of the fridge with it viewing the whole living room. I turned on their iguana cage light, poor iguana, and I hit DISPLAY to turn off the display screen so it had a MUCH longer battery life and could record for hours. After I checked to make sure it was recording and red light was on, I headed downstairs to play some Xbox again, repeating the night before. I focused on the game and tried to not hear anything, and I didn't hear anything. After about two hours I decided it was long enough and nothing was going to happen, so I went upstairs. I walked around the corner and stopped. The red light was off, and TRUST me I have recorded enough with this Cannon to know its battery life very well, and it should still be running. The battery was dead. I brought the camera and Sim card home to plug it into my Dell laptop and review the footage. It had recorded about half hour or so before it saved the footage. Now, from what I understand, if your camera dies before you hit stop, then it does not "save" the footage in a file. So I played the video, I didn't even watch it all, I just fast-forwarded to the end and pressed play on the last minute. All you can hear is the whirring of the mechanics in the camera, and the camera tries to focus and re-focus again and again, and then I hear it. I hear the drawer of silverware slide open, slam shut, and off goes the camera. I played it again and again, and it sounded the same each time, the silverware drawer. I did not review anymore of the recording.


I brought my laptop over to "Brendandon's" house to go over it. He didn't know what to believe and didn't like the thought of moving. I brought the computer back home, and tried to find my camera, try as I might, it was gone. vanished, really. I am so mad, because I can not afford a nice camera like that one, it was a gift and now its gone. After I calm down, my roommate comes home and I tell him what's going on, and I try to show my footage on the computer, and my screen goes completely white, then black and the laptop is no-more. It just melted down internally? WHAT? My roommate and I both had no idea what to think.


Brendandon and I are hanging out in the basement playing games again, and his girlfriend comes down the stairs to do another load of laundry. When she stepped off the stairs onto the carpet, she cursed his name for spilling something and not cleaning it up. he said he didn't spill anything and she checked to see if laundry had overflowed, and no it had not. We could see the carpet darkening with wetness moving from right to left. he called his landlord, and he came over quite quickly, and ripped the wood panneling off the wall behind our gaming couch, and the cinder blocks were "WEEPING"water. I kid you not, the walls were pouring out water, it had not rained in days. the landlord demanded they pack up and leave as quickly as possible and gave a full refund of deposit and refused last months rent. After moving out, Brendandon's stomach issues stopped.

There has been another incident there before all of this that occured, but it is minor comparatively and it involves the use of "Mushroom tea" and a couple eye witnesses that had seen people walking into and out of the "Old bathroom/laundry room "in the basement. These people just thought that was where the bathroom was, but nobody uses that room, its blocked off with a curtain and they BOTH asked why people keep walking into that room.

Like I said, I have had numerous incidents in my life involving the unexplained, whats worse is things happen more when I am sleeping to others around me.

Justin, IA, USA
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