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Uniformed Men at the Jewish Cemetery

Sonora, NY, USA
March 2003

When I was younger, my friends and I used to ride our bikes to this very old Jewish cemetery.

One day we were riding there, and we were entering the main gate. I looked ahead and saw about 4 or 5 transparent men lounging and standing by one of the stones. They were dressed in uniforms, some holding beer and/or cigars. They had army pants on with white tank tops, and some had on the full uniform. They looked to be very see- through but they looked just like a real person, but not very modern. Their hairstyles were not modern.

The 3 of us saw this and turned our bikes around and raced home. We all asked each other if we saw the same thing, and we had. We never went back to the cemetery again. If I had seen what I saw now, I would go back. But back then I was very young and scared.

I moved away but one day I would like to go back and see whose name is on the stone and maybe do some research.

To this day I remember every detail of what they looked like, and it will haunt me forever.

Sonora, NY, USA
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