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Union High School

Bugs, Manila, Philippines
May 2004

Hi. This happened to me back in high school, back when the Beatles were casting their magic on schoolgirls.

I was a junior in high school and it was this year when tragedy struck Union High when one of our beloved faculty members passed away. She was deeply loved by her colleagues and students. Her name is Mrs. Hernandez. It is also after her passing when strange things started happening to our school.

I'm friends with our maintenance people there and I would often hang out with them after school, they told me this incident:

The faculty staff were on overtime, they were finishing the grades for that semester. When it was already dark, the lights went out, one faculty member, Mrs. Sanchez, the principal's secretary was left behind by her colleague Ms. Cruz in the dark in search of a candle. As she was waiting in her office, another colleague went inside the office with a lighted candle. Mrs. Sanchez thanked her so much saying she was starting to get scared of the dark. Her colleague then left her the candle and went away. It was then when Ms. Cruz returned and asked where the lighted candle came from. When Mrs. Sanchez answered who gave it to her, Ms. Cruz couldn't believe it because that faculty member is out of town and hadn't come back. Mrs. Sanchez insisted that she saw who she saw and after searching the whole building, she was then convinced that she talked to a ghost that looked like her colleague.

I experienced this one first hand;
I was outside our clinic, which was beside the stairs, I had heard a lot of spooky tales about the flight of stairs. Ever since Mrs. Hernandez passed away, people started meeting accidents there, well that's what I heard, I really didn't believe in it until that day.

As I said I was outside our clinic, reading something when I noticed this girl coming down from the stairs, there was nothing different or foreboding about her which made me forget about her as quickly as I noticed her. I went back to my reading then all of a sudden I heard a shrill cry, and a massive thud. I looked at the stairs and there was the same girl I saw not two seconds ago, all slumped and in pain at the foot of the stairs, she was holding her leg up, the staff in the clinic rushed to her right away, it looked to me like she broke if not sprained something. I heard the staff questioning her what happened and I heard her say "I felt something grab hold of my ankle, so I fell."

I don't know but the hair on the back of my neck just started to rise! The stairs were solid concrete, they weren't steep, and they weren't the kind of stairs that had spaces in between them and there was no where anyone could have hid to play a prank on her. Besides, I saw her coming down the stairs alone. There wasn't anybody there.

Accidents happened often at those flight of stairs, people feel that they are pushed, shoved, or something grabs hold of their leg causing them to move and lose their balance, some say they feel an overwhelming feeling there, like a thick something embracing them, and before they know it, they're falling.

When the accident rate grew higher, the school was smart enough to seal off that part of the building. They refused to say why they did but those of us who knew, didn't need an explanation. They changed the name of the high school over the years but those who went there before know what school I'm talking about.

Those stairs were still sealed off when I graduated, that was years ago? I don't know if they have opened it now.

Bugs, Manila, Philippines
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