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University Spirits

Lis, AR, USA
February 2004

Several years ago, I attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The second-oldest building on campus, Carnall Hall, was about to be closed due to disrepair. The building was completed in 1905 and was the first woman's dormitory in the state, but by the early 1990s, its original electrical system and crumbling structure forced the university to close it.

A few days before it was closed, I went into the building to take photos, because it really had some beautiful architectural features. The building had been emptied the week before, save some stray books, papers, etc., left by students and faculty that had moved out.

It was very cool in the building despite it being hot outside, but I didn't think much of that. I did start to notice the sound of footsteps on the floors above me, but I just thought someone else was in the building. However, after going through all three floors, I never saw anyone else and realized I was alone. But there was no doubt I could hear footsteps on the wood floors above.

Finally, when my film ran out, I stopped in what used to be a library on the bottom floor. There was a long wooden table in this room with a couple of books still scattered about. I thumbed through one on the corner of the table. This book was COMPLETELY on the table, not hanging off in any way.

I turned to leave after a last look around. I got three steps out the door and hear a loud BAM! I went back into the room, and the book I looked at was now on the floor away from the table. There was no way it fell off on its own. Needless to say, I left quickly.

Years later, they decided to renovate Carnall. I told a friend about my experience in college, and we went on a "ghost tour" of the campus (several places at the UA are reportedly haunted). We were taking pictures of Carnall. I took three of the front doors. Two were normal. One was not. You can see reflections of the leaves of a bush, but you can also see something else...what looks like a woman wailing. I never saw anything while taking the photo...this only showed up later on my digital camera.

Today, Carnall Hall has reopened to the public as a restaurant and inn on the corner of the UA campus. I don't know if anything weird has happened since its renovation, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Lis, AR, USA
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