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Unknown Images

February 2001

Hello, I have never submitted any stories but I'm going to try to explain what happened to me a few nights ago.

I was up till around 5 am a few nights ago reading stories on this web page and I don't know if what I saw had to do with me being freaked out with the stories I read but as I was going to bed I walked towards my bedroom and I heard my husband arguing! he went to bed a lot earlier then I did, around 11 pm and I thought it was really strange to hear him arguing, but I know I heard his voice as I was right by the bedroom door. Anyway I went to bed.

The next day when we got up, HE asked ME who I was ARGUING with!!! Well that was forgotten and 2 nights after that happened I was up till 3 reading more stories on this page and I shut down my computer, I wasn't really all that freaked anymore because nothing ever happened in my house, I lived here for over 25 years and I have not seen anything although my 8 year old daughter has seen and talked to something but she wont tell me, anyway I went in to the bathroom did my thing and I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I got a good look at it but I wanted to make sure I was seeing right thought maybe it was my mind playing tricks but when looked back at the door opening it was gone.

What I saw was this thing dressed in black, kind of outfit like a monk would wear, it was tied at the waist and had the hood over its head so I did not see a face, it was sitting with its back up against the door frame and facing the other door frame... don't know what it was but it really freaked me out. I went out and bought a web cam to see if I can get anything on it.

Thank you for reading this.

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