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Unknown Man

Leah, MI, USA
August 2002

THANK YOU to all that submit stories, as I love to read them on my lunch break.

This will end up being long, as I am longwinded, and have a few to tell. However, I will only tell some of the more recent stories that I have. Thank you for reading!

The first one was a little different to me, as I have never felt anything in my parents' house. One morning I was the first one up as always getting ready to take a shower and had that uneasy feeling like someone was there with me. Brushed it off, went in the shower. In the shower the air wouldn't warm up like it usually does after I seal myself in. Then as I was standing at the end of the tub to shave my leg I noticed I was standing on two cold spots, like there were two feet standing in there with me. I hurried out of the shower that day. After work I told my mother about it, she said she didn't feel anything, but believed me anyway.

The next day when I got home my mom said, "you were right!" there are people here, she said during the day she had an encounter with a pet. That she felt it come up to her and brushed against her leg as she was sitting on the floor, then heard it run down to the basement, but never saw a thing.

May 2001 I drove my best friend out to California (from Michigan) to live with her boyfriend whom left the month before. Once I was home we talked every Friday evening. After she had started her management job in retail, she told me she had an uneasy feeling in the back shipping/ receiving section. She said she thought she was feeling a male presence and I said she was right and started describing him to her. That was very odd, as I have never done that before.

She did some research (asking other managers) if anything had ever happened. She found out that there was a murder somewhere in the parking structure behind her work about ten years ago. An innocent man was killed during a drug deal gone wrong.

Okay my last story.

January of this year I bought my first house. The living/ dinning room is just one long room, and the kitchen is behind the dinning room, with an open counter there. The dinning room has a window out the front but not off the side, however the kitchen has one off the side. A month after buying the house I got my puppy Pepper to keep the older cat and I company. At night Pepper and I would be sitting in the living room and she's stare into the same spot in the dinning room. I didn't think much of this until one night she started barking at this spot, I watched to see if maybe she was barking at car lights as they went by, but couldn't be, there weren't many cars driving by. So I encouraged her. She would bark, then would almost play with whatever she was barking at, then all of a sudden get scared and run to hide behind me, then start all over with the barking and playing etc. I noticed even when we'd be outside she wouldn't go by that wall of the house. She'd walk around my car to leave, but never that side of the car closest to the house. Ended up being that she'd get scared to walk by it from inside the house.

The couple other times playing with this thing in the dinning room, she'd end up more scared then anything. So I ended this by saying to the house one day as we were going in "I don't mind that you're here, but please leave my dog alone, she's only a puppy and your scaring her." I never did feel anything like someone was there or not, even the cat would lay under the table and never acted as she saw something. But sense I said that I've not found Pepper staring into the spot.

Thanks for reading my longwinded stories. I hope you enjoyed them.

Leah, MI, USA
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