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Unknown Soldier

Paula, Kansas, USA
September 2003

I am writing this for my husband who is deployed right now and can not write it himself. My husband is not at all a believer in ghosts, but he swears that what he saw was real.

My husband and I are stationed at a certain Army Base in the Mid-West. Not long after we got here, he was put on Guard Duty where he and 6 other soldiers from his platoon guard an entrance to the post and check the ID's of whoever enters.

He and the other soldiers got the misfortune of guarding the least frequently used entrance from 9pm to 4am. The entrance is mostly used for deliveries and he was lucky if he saw 5 cars a night. Because of this, he and the other soldiers did mock Recon missions since the area they were in was mostly wide open fields and wooded in some places.

It was on one of those nights that this sighting occured.

According to my husband they had just finished one of their play missions and the Sgt. in charge of them was doing a head count to make sure all the soldiers were within sight of him. There were 3 soldiers standing with the Sgt. looking out into the field, (my husband being one of them), and there should have been only 3 standing in the field making a total of 7 soldiers. My husband, the Sgt., and the 2 other soldiers looking into the field all swear they saw 4 soldiers standing there. The 3 soldiers in the field did not see the "extra" soldier. My husband and other 3 soldiers that did see the mysterious "8th" soldier say that he was dressed in fatigues and full combat gear that was different from their own. They say it looked similar to the combat gear soldiers wore in the 60's or 70's. My husband said that they stood there looking at the ghostly soldier for a good 15 seconds before it just disapeared. Of course, they were all very spooked by this experience and spent the rest of their extra time during Guard Duty doing Physical Training. None of them wanted to go back out into that field at night ever again!

The base we are stationed at is over 100 years old and there are a lot of stories of ghost sightings all over the base.

Paula, Kansas, USA
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