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Unknown Tube Station

John, London, UK
November 2001

London's is the oldest railway line in the world, and as such has many stations on it's network that have been abandoned; however these stations were not all destroyed when they closed, and many remain both above and below ground, run-down, graffitied and dirty but still there.

This is relevant to what happened to me. I didn't have much of a belief in ghosts or the paranormal, but I get that feeling that everyone does when they walk down a dark street at night, you know what I mean? Even in the city it scares me a bit.

I was walking down Whitechapel somewhere between Aldgate East station and Whitechapel station and passed beyond a car showroom when I felt that someone was walking towards me very quickly from the small alley to my left. Now at 12:30 at night this made me jump a bit and I immediately looked to my left, but nothing was there; so I carried on home and forgot about it. But I have to walk that way home a lot and about 5 days after the first "occurrence" I was walking the distance alone again when I walked past the alley; I heard a woman say "come on" almost next to me, in my ear. This freaked me out as there was no-one there so I ran the rest of the way home.

Troubled by this I looked into local history as I have heard of strange stuff happening around my area to do with the paranormal; I found out that between the aforementioned stations there was once another station named St. Mary's. Like many of its counterparts it opened during the war as an air raid shelter; however in 1940 a German bomb scored a direct hit and destroyed the surface level and caused much of the underground section to collapse; a lot of people died. Down that alley are maintenance access doors to whats left of the surface level.

Who knows, maybe its not connected. But I make sure I walk on the right hand side when I walk home and I quicken my pace at that area. Thanks for reading.

John, London, UK
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