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Unspoken Guest

Kiraina, Ontario, Canada
April 2007

I had moved back to our hometown when I was about 5 years old with my mom. I thought our house was as normal as any other, not knowing about ghosts at my naive age. I always had this weird feeling like someone was watching me, either from the downstairs hallway or from the living room. Our downstairs stairs led up to the shoes area which was rather big. My dog, Lucky would usually be sleeping there or close to the fireplace and we'd have a high ceiling and no wall to close off the shoe area when we walk up the stairs, so when we do go up them, we can see downstairs too.

Anyways, every morning I'd do my usual routine. I'd get dressed and when I came out of my room, I'd feel like someone would be watching me from my sisters room, diagonally across from me. I'd ignore it every day, even though I'd stare at that exact place for maybe five minutes until it disappeared (I wasn't really ignoring it then was I? But, I tried). Usually it'd be in her room, the spare room or at the end of the hallway, sometimes in my room but not usually.
When I'd leave, my dog would always be staring downstairs, constantly, even when I took him somewhere else in the house, his attention turned to downstairs. There was always this unseen shadowy figure I couldn't make out downstairs, and I'd learnt to ignore it as much as possible.

My cat, Kitty, by now was used to this stranger and frankly, I don't think she cared. My sister would also say the same things about it to our mother, she was seven years older than me so I knew she had to be correct, after all she was older than me, right?

A couple years passed with our "guest" living in our household. Anyway's, my mother was staying at work late for that week and my siblings were going to be out, my dog left with his posse (just him and a bunch of dogs that lived near by, hehe) and my cat, was of course, no where to be found. I was upstairs in the living room, being bored as I watched TV, well, suddenly I got this chilling feeling in my spine and I looked around. I heard something in the kitchen, like someone was moving around the silverware, I was thinking that it was my cat being a brat again so I got up. As I entered the kitchen, only six or seven feet away from me was this shadowy figure. By now, I was totally freaked out. I quickly turned on the lights and it was gone, no one was there, not even my cat. So, I was freaked out by now. I called my mom at her work and told her about it, she said that she'd be home soon, like maybe in an hour or less. I didn't want to be in the house, I was only seven years of age then but it's still pretty clear in my head. I had quickly got my house keys, my shoes, left the house and walked down my road which just HAD to be the really dark cause one of the light poles went out. I had this feeling I was being watched so I ran to my friends house, only a block away, and that feeling by then was gone. My sister had a very similar experience.

My mother had been sitting in the kitchen one night, the TV on in the living room. She was drinking coffee and having a smoke while she listened to the radio. My cat, had apparently just come home, got into the house, it looked around and turned to go back outside. Of course my mother said no because it was dark out and she'd been out all day, my cat getting the idea, quickly went downstairs, past Lucky who was by now, standing up and staring upstairs, ears perked. The TV turned off, and this was very strange and freaky since our TV is an antique and doesn't have a remote control, you have to push a knob in. She immediately went to turn it on again, not even five minutes later it turned off again on her. Being annoyed easily, she talked to the spirit for a bit before I came home and we went to bed. She had this idea about ghosts that I never understood until now.

I had been sleeping on my mothers waterbed with her since those encounters, too scared to sleep in my own room, so it was always empty at night. Even though I played in my room the whole day, I would place things a certain way and the next morning they'd be somewhere else in the room, and my bed usually messy, even though I took that it was me not being neat. It went on for another year, before my mother and her friend got tired of it, because they were having similar events happening to them as well. They kept me downstairs in my room all day as they smudged the house down, my two pets would be outside, doing their own thing. Once the whole house was smudged down, even my room, they put four of these medicine bundles in each corner of the house, as a protective shield to keep out the negative and bad spirits. Apparently our guest wasn't a bad spirit and it stayed, even though that chilling feeling was now gone, that being watched feeling remained. Me and my sister explained the guest to be a tall man with dark hair, native most likely.

That night I sat in the living room, everything was off, even the lights, TV and power. My mom and her friend (the same guy who helped smudge the place), sat in the kitchen, talking to the spirit, telling him "to leave please, they don't want him there, he's scaring her daughters" and such. She did this for the next two months or so, I didn't see it for a long time after that.

I don't live there anymore, but it's empty now, the bank owns it. I wonder if anyone is going to buy it? I'd like to take a walk down that road again on my next vacation, see if he's still there. Surprisingly, he never talked to us, even though me and my sister saw him most often.

Kiraina, Ontario, Canada
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