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Robert, Texas, USA
January 1999

This story takes place about five, maybe six, years ago. I was at my grandmother's house with my father watching television. My father was in the kitchen with my grandmother. Please note that the only people in the house were my father, my grandmother, and myself. My mother was in Arizona visiting relatives and my grandfather had left the house to visit a friend. My father called me into the kitchen, where my grandmother was preparing dinner, and told me to get ready to eat. I walked into the dining room, along the wall and turned to walk to the restroom. The restroom was maybe fifteen/twenty feet from the wall. The toilet was making strange noises, as old toilets in old disheveled houses tend to do. But what wasn't so normal was the person in the restroom. It was a man, woman maybe, I'm not exactly sure, in a cloak, or maybe it was a shroud. It had it's hands under the faucet and was staring right at me. It took me a minute to take my eyes away from the dark spot in the figure's hood which probably accounted for its face, but eventually I ran back to the kitchen. My father asked me if I had gotten ready for dinner, and when I said "no", he made me go back. When I walked back to the restroom, the door was open, the figure was gone, and the noises from the toilet had ceased. Strangest of all, though, was the fact that the lights in the restroom were on. I have told quite a few people of my experience years ago, but most people just shrug it off as the work of an over-active imagination. I have encountered that phenomenon on more than one occasion since, though, so I doubt that it is my imagination.

Robert, Texas, USA
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